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Safety Baby Shower Planning

Are you looking for the baby shower planning that provide an effective way to teach and reinforce safety and health message? Baby safety shower is what you need. More than a traditional shower, it's a learning party where parents-to-be have fun and leave with new ideas about keep babies safe.

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Safety Baby Shower Planning

Take baby shower planning to another level with a theme that's really inventive, yet totally necessary.

Baby Safety is a topic that every parent should be aware of and anybody that plans to be a part of a baby's life. That's why it makes an awesome theme for anyone that has baby shower planning to do. Of course, with every baby shower there are some basic rules of thumb that everyone should follow.

For a theme of safety, baby shower etiquette would include:

  • Do your best, as the hostess to keep the things fun, and not get too serious or deep with safety being the theme. The baby shower is not a "seminar", so don't treat the guests like they're at one!
  • Get a bunch of fast facts together and incorporate them with little silly props, and share them with everyone without making the information sound like it's straight from a textbook. For instance, if you have electrical socket protectors, stick them to a picture of someone with their hair standing on end, so that it's illustrative, but fun!
  • There is a way to deal with duplicate gifts, and that's not to show dismay or make people feel bad. Dupes will happen sometimes. It's a part of the gift-giving process. To handle this, keep the response simple like, "Wow! You are sure to have the safest home/car on the block!" or "It's so wonderful that everyone is so concerned about your baby's well-being that they're thinking on the same wavelength." Keep things flowing and try not to let people harp on duplications too much. Despite all of the baby shower planning that will be done, including having a registry, duplications will happen!

The most important aspect of baby shower planning for a safety themed event is that you always reassure the parents that their baby will be well protected and cared for, especially with so many that love them all!


Safety Baby Shower Planning - Invitations

Telling people about a safety themed baby shower may be a little bit of a task for some, as it's not such a simple or traditional topic to tackle.

When baby shower planning with a safety theme in mind, remember that you still want the event to be fun, so the safety shower invitation should reflect the fun side of things. Here are a few invitation ideas that will set the tone for a safety themed baby shower:

  • Go with a "peek-a-boo" type of invitation, with windows that have to be moved or opened to expose the information. But, these types of invitations should feature some kind of safety related object such as a something like a baby gate with a baby poking his or her little head over the rail, or a snuggly baby carrier with a baby that can pop up and down. These are cute ways to think about safety that will give your invitation a softer, more inviting feel. You definitely don't want to go with anything too serious because no one will be excited about coming.
  • Think about including real baby safety pieces on the safety shower invitation for visual effect. People like things that they can touch and experience!

Getting the look of the safety shower invitation just right, will be a big part of the baby shower planning process. So, get creative because you want them to be outstanding!

Safety Baby Shower Planning - Decorations

Now, it's time to make the place look as cool as possible while featuring a bunch of baby safety items!

You need to break out your creativity when it comes to safety shower decoration ideas. While safety is definitely a serious topic, it doesn't have to take on a somber tone, and definitely keep that in mind when baby shower planning with this theme. The décor should be tactile. In other words, people like feeling stuff. So, the more they can touch and experience, the better!

Making the décor somewhat interactive will keep people totally into the event. They'll want to walk around and get their hands on all of the stuff that's out! It will be a blast for everybody.

Believe it or not, simple items like safety pins convey a message about "safety". You could use oversized paper versions of safety pins that you create yourself or that you find at a party supply store. Put them everywhere. But, instead of making them plain, jazz them up with cute little safety sayings or pictures. Here are some examples:

  • "A safe baby is a happy baby!"  Complete the look with loads of pictures of smiling baby faces!
  • "Let's all do our part to keep baby safe!" Add pictures of people baby proofing things.
  • "Baby giggles are too precious not to protect!" Make this point stick with pictures of babies laughing and rolling. Guests will think that they are just too cute!
  • "Baby deserves to be treated like royalty, so let's all be "on guard" to keep baby safe!" Include pictures of royal items such a crown or tiara and a picture of someone guarding a baby! This will put a cute spin on the safety shower decoration plans.
  • Use safety pin favors.

Don't forget to add some safety inspired decorations to the food too! Make some cute little "safety cakes" by putting faces on them. Create a "face mask", like the ones that they use at the hospital, out of fondant. Then, have two little eyes poking above them! When baby shower planning, remember that food can be a part of the decorations.



Safety Baby Shower Planning - Games


Put safety baby shower games on the agenda and your guests are sure to have an awesome time celebrating the new baby to come.

Baby shower planning is a big job, but the task of adding in plenty of fun games can make it a great experience. Not only the mother to be and her guests, but also for the person that has to do the research. It's a lot fun that each guests pull out all of the creative stops in order to come up with really cool activities for this event.

Here are a few silly and tricky safety baby shower games that could make the shower into a funky good time:

  • Safety Break Out – This game will be super wild to watch. Select a safety item, such as a safety gate or drawer lock. Each participant is then blindfolded and must figure out how to open the device using only one hand! It could be a lot trickier than they think!
  • Buckle Up For Safety – Using a baby doll and an infant car seat, guests have to put the baby in the car seat as fast as possible. The catch is that they must do so while turned backward, using only their hands to make it happen. The person that fastens the baby in the right way first, wins!
  • Trendy Baby Shower games - Play with that modern mom twist that are sure to please traditionalists as well!

Don't forget having the shower guests educated by baby shower games below focus on the theme of keeping your baby safety at home - and they're perfect for any baby shower!

Baby Safety Bingo Game



Share Your Safety Baby Shower Planning Tips

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! If you've just thrown a safety baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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