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Coolest Baby Shower Party Contest Winners

Here are the best baby shower party ideas & photos that have already been submitted to our previous contest. Baby showers are hosted in different times around the world, so send us your photos and ideas (via this form) and they'll be automatically included in our 2012 contest!


Winners of Our 2011 Baby Shower Contest

Total of $300 in Prizes


The year of 2011, we've finished reviewing, editing, categorizing and considering each and every one of the 243 baby shower party ideas submitted, I'm totally inspired by people's creativity and passion for Shower planning (especially the diaper cake making) - now flowing through the veins of our site.

Any decision that is made, any winner that is selected, will not do justice to so many other incredible baby shower ideas. Yet, it's not just the ideas we are judging. We rely on the photos and their artistic composition, detailed write-ups, and, of course videos to get a feel for the real shower or designed item.

Hence, we have judged our contest not only on the final result, but also on the passion taken to create it.

Our $150 Grand Prize winner is Gail Hume. So many of her baby shower crafts and ideas have been a big topic on our site if you've read all the comments she received.

She is also the hostess who behind our "5 Star" rubber ducky baby shower.

I asked Gail to pick up her best submission to our site, she replied me with one of her favorites which she likes best:

Tricycle Diaper Cake
Gail's Tricycle Diaper Cake 
$150 Grand Prize


This Tricycle Diaper cake was made for Gail's baby shower party, her colors were pink & brown and she wanted something different from the normal diaper cake. She made a lot of other special items for her shower as well but the Tricycle diaper cake was the hit of the shower, everyone loved it.

"One thing I have noticed from attending or hosting baby showers myself, is the overwhelming amount of baby clothes the new mom receives. I think many people buy the clothes because it's a "safe" baby gift or in many cases because they really don't know what to buy or have the time to find a unique gift. The reality is the new baby is most likely to grow out of all the new clothes the new mom receives before they can even be worn. And in the grand scheme of things, are clothes really going to be the most memorable baby gift the new mom receives?

One thing is for certain, new baby's require lots of diapers! In fact, for about 2 years of so, diapers will be one of the ongoing expenses the new family will have in the care of the baby. While a diaper cake is not going to make a huge dent in the quantity of diapers the new mom needs, it's really a unique way of offering diapers as a gift item to get the mom started. Since many diaper cake designs offer baby care items (lotion, shampoo, etc…) and baby toys, the new mom and baby will surely benefit from this assortment of items."

When I look for gifts to buy or make my friends or family members, I'm always on the look out for something memorable. After all, we want the recipient of the gift to really love it and remember it because it was unique."

Gail said that she hope all the ideas and photos submitted to our site will help visitors who are unsure about a baby gift to buy or make for that upcoming baby shower party.

Here are another three baby shower gift ideas submitted by Gail:


Baby Shower Money Tree
Personalized Gift Basket
Baby Loney Tunes Cake



Our $50 first place prize winner is Cheryl from Culleoka TN for her Halloween Diaper cake fully equipped with spookiest things. From the photos, it seems like Cheryl had as much fun creating the cake for the little pumpkin-to-come.


Halloween Diaper Cake
Cheryl's Halloween Diaper Cake
$50 First Place Prize


Our another $50 first place prize winner is Tammy from Kelowna, BC and her cute Monkey Tree diaper cake.


Monkey Tree Cake
Tammy's Monkey Tree Cake
$50 Firstplace Prize



We've still got $50 in prizes left, so we'll move on to our second-place prize.


Underwater Baby Shower
Jessica's Under Water Shower
$25 Prize

This year's "Out-of-This-World Shower" is awarded to Jessica from from San Benito, TX for her Under Water baby shower party. Jessica's prize is $25 spending money under the sea.

Safari Theme Baby Shower
Rita's Safari Shower 
$25 Prize
Another very special hostess is Rita from Vanocuver, WA. Her submissions have helped us create a new Safari Theme baby shower party page where safari & animals become the Shower trend.



Phew! That's it. Five inspiring winners in this year's contest. $300 awarded. Thanks to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part. You're an inspiration to us all.


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