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Hollywood Baby Shower ThemeHollywood Baby Shower Party Ideas

With all the wonderful baby shower party ideas below, how could the parents-to-be forget a very special "Oscar Night" party for their arrival little star? Get up! Get out! Get in it!

If you're looking for the best deal on hollywood baby shower supplies, no need to search browse around forever. Just compare the Shower kits below which cover everything you need:


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Star Is Born Baby Shower Invitations

Here is the design of Circus Star that you can learn from.

You can easily find the actual "Hollywood" sign from many places, such as magazine, books, newspaper or internet. Buy some cheap plaint invitations from your local party supplies or dollars store. Edit the most attractive sign on your home pc to fit the size of the invitations, print out as many as you want. Then use it as the front page of your invitation.

In the invites, encourage guests to dress in silver or gold so that you can set a wonderful mood for your shower party. Or creatively ask them dressed in their favorite movie star, such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, John Travolta or even the Mr. Incredible.

A more unique touch is to sprinkle star-shaped confetti inside these invitations before you send them out. And for the invitation wording, you can start writing like this:

"A little super-star is born! So we're having a hollywood glamour shower for Baby's Name in the oscar night. Thousands of stars are wondering what you are. And our special award also goes to you...Little girl or little boy, either one will bring great joy!"

Don't forget to check out these cute printed star cards for a Fashion Mom:

Cosmopolitan Baby: Leaf Big Star: Coast Fashion Mom: Lime

Cosmopolitan Baby: Leaf

$1.09 each

Big Star: Coast

$1.19 each

Fashion Mom: Lime

$1.24 each

  Fashion Forward Basil  

Fashion Forward: Basil

$1.09 each





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Star is Born Baby Shower Decorations

Use blue and silver as the color scheme. Decorate your room with posters of famous movie stars and films from One of the cutest baby shower party ideas is to put a portrait of the mom-to-be inside a giant handmade star-shaped frame and put it in a prominent place.

To set a more Oscar-Night mood, sprinkle gold or silver stars in all sizes over walls, ceilings, tables, and stairs. Also write the names of guests on smaller gold or silver stars, and secure to the sidewalk leading to the front door. One of the most lovely ideas is to prepare a big glass bowl filled with water on a mirror, and drop several food coloring to match your theme. Then have candels and gemstones floating on the water - a fantastic looking for the table-setting!

Also check out these cute and ready-made A Star is Born decoration kits:

A Star Is Born Baby Sign Blue A Star Is Born 2-Piece Door Hanger and Bank Set Pink

A Star Is Born Baby Sign (Blue)


A Star Is Born Door Hanger and Bank Set (Pink)




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Hollywood Baby Shower Foods

"Star Powered" Salad - To celebrate the arrival of a new baby that is sure to be the "star" of their parents' lives, choose foods that are attractive and have "star power" for your menu. Waldorf salad just screams upscale and chic. Not only is it yummy, but you can use apples of various colors and types, along with walnuts to give it a very beautiful look.


"Reel" Cookies - Create really cute film reel cookies that will shine. These "reel" cookies can be made using cookie dough or with any sandwich cookies and fruit leather. Simply cut the fruit leather down to strips that can be used to wrap the cream center. Let a little of the fruit leather hang off of each "reel" cookie. You can make them even more glamorous by sprinkling them with glittery sugar candies or sugar dust.


Shower Smoothies - Serve up smoothies in champagne glasses paired with crystal rock candy rods. That will make the look amazingly glitzy. Go with a smoothie recipe that will result in a pretty color drink, or add food coloring to achieve the perfect hue. The key is not to make the smoothies too early because you don't want them to set and get watery looking. Wrap the glass stems with pretty ribbon and guests will be blown away at how fabulous everything looks and tastes!


Homemade Appetizers

What should you serve once the big movie show comes on? Yes, it's all about pop corn and homemade appitizers!

Fill little silver boxes with popcorn to give the Shower a real "going to the movies" type of flare. Either leave the boxes open with the popcorn hanging out or close them and place ticket stubs on them for decoration. Another way to really make them look splendid and to add a bit of sweetness to the popcorn is to dust it with edible sugar glitter! Place the boxes on a large mirror or mirrored tray, and place faux pearls all around them to make them very grand.

Order fresh gourment appetizers delivered right to your door - asian, seafood, quicheds, southwestern, vegies, kosher, low-card and more other savory finger foods.


Champagne, Cake and Fun!

Star Cake Pan What is a must-be-beverage to be served at an Oscar Night? Yes, the Champagne! But this time, you should make a non-alcoholic drink for the mom-to-be.

Buy a bottle of alcohol-free sparkling white wine or white grape juice and mix it with lemon-lime soda pop and ginger ale. Or add some flavored sparkling water to white grape juice - I'm sure no one can resist your own alcohol-free champagne julep!


Over-The-Top Cake

Make any cake fit for the paparazzi by presenting it on a red carpet! It doesn't have to be a real red carpet, but you can create a red carpet using all types of confections such as fondant, icing, or red candies.

An over-the-top cake idea would be one that featured photos of the parents on a film reel wrapped around the cake. The photos could be edited images that feature them in different points in their lives but with crazy movie backdrops such as the eating dinner while Indiana Jones is running toward them with the ball rolling behind him! Crazy, but cool! The final photo or the main attraction picture could be the ultrasound of the baby, who is the real star of the event.


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Star Is Born Baby Shower Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:

Interview The Guests - Interview each guest using a digital video camera. Have them say a special wish for the little one, or any useful suggestion for the expecting parents. The mom-to-be can keep the video tape as a unforgetable shower gift.

Movies! Yes, Just Enjoy The Movies - Turn your basement or garage into a movie theatre using movie posters and hollywood banners. If your budget is enough, buy a second hand hi-fi system, a LCD projector and a screen from eBay. Have all the guests enjoy movies including babies.

Famous Faces - Really Want Games? Here is one of the baby shower party ideas that take a lot of prep-work, but isn’t mom-to-be worth it? Cut out several baby pictures from magazines, it can be an entire baby, or just the baby’s face. Then cut out famous faces - but don’t include hair, ears, or necks because you’re going to past the famous faces on top of the baby faces. Models, historical figures, movie stars, and even Mom and Dad are fair game! During the hollywood baby hower, guests will have the chance to study each picture and try to guess the name that goes with the face. Tons of fun, especially if Mom and Dad are big history buffs and you can get all historical figures. Or if they’re big movie goers you can put together all movie star faces.

No Winner's Awards - Awards don’t always have to go to game winners, you can make them for just about anything! At the beginning of the hollywood party, or during snack time, have each guest fill out a slip of paper with her name, how many children she has, how many hours she was in labor, the size of baby, how close she was to her due date (1 day early, 5 days late). If a mom has more than one child, have her put in the information for just one child. After you've looked at all the entries, you’ll be able to fill in the names for award certificates of each category. Be sure to read the award as you pass it out so other guests can hear:

  1. Outstanding Performance Award to guest who had the longest labor.
  2. Acheivement Award to guest with the most children.
  3. Biggest Baby Award to guest with the largest baby at birth.
  4. Alarm Clock Award to guest whose baby was right on time.

Also check out these TV, Movie & music printable games that you can print out for some FUN:

Back In The Day... Famous TV Parents Whats Your Song Baby Fashion Mom: Lime

Back In The Day... Famous TV Parents


What's Your Song Baby?


Double the Fun! Twice the Action! TV Series Twins


  Big Star: Coast  

Famous TV Mothers & Fathers





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A Star Is Born Baby Shower Gifts & Favors

As the little star is on the way, why not use star registry including a deluxe gift pack to name a real star for the arrival baby?

  • Star shaped tea infusers will leave a special mark on your event when given as a Shower favor. Not only can you have it accompany a pretty bag of loose tea, but it can stand alone as a favor that can be enjoyed for years to come. It may sound a little simple, but these are actually very chic baby shower party ideas that will add the overall Hollywood feel of your event.
  • Compacts are always an awesome gift. But, they don't have to be super plain. In fact, you can get purchase them blinged out or glam them up yourself. There are many funky compact mirrors that come wrapped for events, but you can take yours up a notch by gluing embellishments that you can purchase at craft stores all over the compact's case….instant glam!
  • Honor them with their own award trophies! Guests will get a real giggle when you give them a gold-plated statuette to commemorate their participation in the party of the day. Consider giving out awards like "Cutest Shoes", "Most Precious Laugh", "Greatest Participation", and "Funkiest Purse"! After they are awarded their statue, let them give an acceptance speech, walk the red carpet, and have gobs of pics taken.

Also check out these cutefavors and gifts:

Star-Shaped Cookie Cutters with Gift Box and Organza Bow Catch-A-Star Basket (Baby) A Star is Born Chrome Bottle Stopper

Star-Shaped Cookie Cutters with Gift Box


Catch-A-Star Basket


A Star is Born Chrome Bottle Stopper





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Share Your Baby Shower Party Ideas


Star is Born Baby ShowerTake a peek at other people's Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding creative tips:

Pamela's Shake, Rattle, & Roll and Hollywood Shower submitted By Julie Lowe, Conover NC

The ceiling has to have golden stars dangling. The napkins have to be in the shape of electric guitars and must say "A Hollywoood Legend Is Born!". The balloons have to be in the shape of stars.

The cake has to be in the shape of a red electric guitar. It must contain a picture of Dave Navarro on the side welcoming the baby. The music has to be soft but must contain a little electric guitar.

The party is by invatation only. Everyone must dress up like celebrities and rock stars and no everyone has to bring extravagant gifts for the guest and the child.

Have an overall great time! If you've just thrown a A Star is Born shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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