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Coolest Baby Shower Party Idea
Around the Clock or Clothesline Theme

We have the coolest clothesline baby shower party idea from the experiences of living with a bab! Whether the mom-to-be are ready for the arrival little one or not, there are always some "time of day" in their daily life with the new baby. Time for breakfast, time for play, time for nap, time for bath, time for bed, day and night, again and's absolutely an "around the clock" or clothesline experience!

Baby shower is all about helping the mom-to-be with everything they need to be prepared for a new family member. That's why it's important for you to know exactly what baby needs. An around-the-clock or clothesline baby shower does just that! Here are the best baby shower kits which cover everything you need for a clothesline theme:


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Clothesline Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower idea

Before you get the shower started, send out invitations that assign each guest an hour of the day or night(such as 5 p.m. or 8 a.m. of the shower date). You should ask them to bring baby shower gifts that applies to their assigned hour.

You can use this cute clothesline border invitation design for your around the clock shower.

Be sure to mention the activity that the baby will be doing then. If you say "Morning ", you should also include "Playtime", or saying "Afternoon" together with "Bathtime".

The concept of around-the-clock might be a bit confusing to try to relay to guests, here is a simple baby shower poem that can set things straight:


"We're having a around-the-clock shower
For Baby's Name, our esteemed baby-to-come
A reason to revel, we know you'll agree
The times of our life is the theme for this day
To help the new baby get on his way
Breakfast at home, lunch in the backyard
Playtime and Bathtime from morning till dark
Filling each second, each minute, each hour
That is our challenge for this baby shower
We hope you can join us, we hope you'll agree
Shower Address is the place to be!
Your time of day is _________"


CBSI Favorite Ready-made Invitations

Check out these cute and ready-made baby clothes or clothesline baby shower invitations and cards:

Cute Clothes - Medium Pink Cuddly Clothesline - Rose Cuddly Clothesline Thank You Cards

Cute Clothes : Medium Pink


Cuddly Clothesline : Rose


Cuddly Clothesline Thank You Cards


  Feeding Time - Lime  

Feeding Time : Lime







Around The Clock or Clothesline Baby Shower Decorations

Use a celestial or star theme party supplies, including sun, moon and a lot of stars to decorate your shower place. You can cut out giant moon or sun out of heavy art paper and punch holes in the top and hang from ceiling with lengths of string at different levels. And sprinkle star-shaped confetti in mylar paper down the center of main tables and on the gift table.

If you prefer the clothesline baby shower party idea, nothing says welcome like some fantastic, colorful "Baby Clotheseline" balloons and decorations. Also use something like baby's laundry gift bag - can you imagine few things more precious than baby onesies hanging on the washing line? Here is the baby clothesline gift idea submitted by Tracey from Massachusetts. To add more feeling about baby time in a day, don't forget place several alarm clocks or kitchen timer in differenct sizes at the tables.

Don't forget to check out the cute clothesline or baby time baby shower decoration ideas:

Baby Clothes Yard Sign Precious Baby Laundry - Personalized Keepsake Wall Art Baby Boy Clothesline Personalized Photo Banner

Baby Clothes Yard Sign


Precious Baby Laundry - Personalized Keepsake Wall Art


Baby Boy Clothesline Personalized Photo Banner


Baby Clothesline See-Thru Foil Balloon Cuddly Clothesline Tablecover Baby Clothes Ensemble

Baby Clothesline See-Thru Foil Balloon


Cuddly Clothesline Tablecover


Baby Clothes Ensemble






Baby Shower Party Idea for Game

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:

Perfect Timing - Here is a baby shower party idea that you can keep guests entertained while the mom-to-be open gifts. Set kitchen timer for a few minutes as they open gifts. Whoever brought the gift that is being opened when the timer sounds, gets a prize.

5 Minute Recipe Cards - Mom and Dad are going to be busy after their bundle of joy is born, and they won't have much time to spend cooking! Help them out with 5 Minute Recipe Cards.

Everything Baby - From A to Z - Think you're hip to everything there is for Baby? Play this game and find out!

Dress The Baby Or The Hubby? (Dressing Time) - This a fun baby shower party idea! Have women bring everything they think they'll need to dress a baby to the shower party. Begin the game from leading each couple to different rooms or different areas. The women should dress their husbands or boyfriends as the baby! The cutest, ugliest, funniest "Baby Boy" win the prize, a big diaper bag!

Diaper The Baby (Diaper Changing Time) - Set up as a relay race, teams compete to have each team member rush to the table, take off the baby's diaper, wipe, powder, and put the diaper back on. The first team to have all members diaper the baby, wins. Don't forget to do a leak check - the diaper must stay on the baby when holding it above the table. You can evolve some variations for this baby shower party idea, including using mittens, adding clothes so teams have to undressand redress the baby, and using a balloon instead of a baby.

Lullaby Tape (Bedding Time) - Do you want unique beautiful music to help baby sleep? Have guests make it for you! In a separate room, have each guest sing a lullabye into a tape recorder, or recite a favorite poem, bedtime story or nursery rhyme. After everyone has had a chance to contribute to the tape, give it to mom and baby.

Each creative printable game below can be part of your around the clock baby shower party idea:

Baby Shower Fundamentals Things In Mommy's Purse

Baby Shower Fundamentals


Things In Mommy's Purse


Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun The Many Hats of Parenting

Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun


The Many Hats of Parenting






Clothesline Baby Shower Party Idea for Food

Prepare foods with a time theme, such as snacks for midnight, strawberry bars for breakfast, and sandwiches for afteroon tea time, etc. But who can refuse a delicious cake that exactly looks like a clock? Yes, it is a sunflower cake!

Sunflower Cake Decoration Guide

You'll need: 2 round 9-inch cakes, cooled; recipe vanilla buttercream, colored yellow; best chocolate frosting. Ok, let me tell you how to have fun.

  1. Frost the sides of one 9-inch cake with chocolate frosting and build extra frosting at the top of the sides. Then, frost the top. To make the top look like the center of a sunflower, use a palette knife through the top frosting and gently pull up to create a swirled, peaked effect.
  2. Next, cut the second 9-inch cake into 8 triangular pieces. Then ussing a paring knife, trim each of them, the "petals", to curve slightly inward ( don't trim off too much) so they hug the outside of the center of the cake. Frost the top and two sides of the "petals" with yellow frosting, don't frost the curved edge. Then place them around the cake.
  3. Funniest part is coming...looking at the cake as though it was a clock, place the petals at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Place the remaining four petals in between 12 and 3, in between 3 and 6, in between 6 and 9 and in between 9 and 12.


Clothesline Baby Shower Party Idea
- Gifts & Favors

Since you're having a baby shower all about what to do for little one everyday, check out these gift ideas that match your theme:

Baby Shower Gift Baskets Cuddly Clothesline : Rose Sweet Dreamzzz-A Pint of PJ's Sleep-Time Personalized Gift Set

Baby Clothes Yard Sign


Cuddly Clothesline : Rose


Sweet Dreamzzz-A Pint of PJ's Sleep-Time Personalized Gift Set


  It's About Time - Baby is Brewing Teapot Timer  

It's About Time - Baby is Brewing Teapot Timer







Share Your Clothesline Baby Shower Party Idea

Clothes on the Line Gift BasketOur website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Take a peek at other people's Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding creative baby shower party ideas:

If you've just thrown a clotheseline baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Party Idea (invitation, cake and games) to us.




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