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Coolest Baby Shower Party Idea
- Fun With All Star Teams

This is definitely the coolest baby shower party idea for both expectant parents and their friends. No matter the little All Star is the first, second or even the third one, choose a main sport as your theme, and hand out trophies for first, second, and third place!

If you're looking for the best deal on baby shower sports theme supplies, no need to browse around forever. Just compare the baby shower kits below which cover everything you need:


You can have these general sports ideas and tweak them into virtually any sports theme. Scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:





Sports Theme Baby Shower Invitations

A wonderful sports baby shower party idea is to design the invitation on you home computer to make it look like a sport event ticket. Print it out with the sport graphics you like and "perforate" the invite's edge, write "void if detached".

Here is a baby shower invitation idea you'll love to dead. Arrange some family member of the new mommy and daddy (parents, parents-in-law, sisters and brothers) wear their favorite team jersey, hat, or t-shirt. Have them pose like wondering for some one to come. Then take a digital photo for the "family team" and print it out as the invitation cover. Write something like:

"Who is the new member of Ted and Lucy's Team Name (Chicago Bull, New York Yankee, etc)? A little super star is on the way. Join us at the sport's name shower in the stadium at shower address. A failure to RSVP at shower date may result in a technical foul. Come ready to compete!"

And don't forget the kids. Invite them as they can help you a lot to creative a sport mood when your adults enjoy the food.

You can pick up pre-printed invitations with designs of your favorite sport. The supplier will have innumerable templates of sport's designs to choose from. Don't forget give them where the guests are to meet, the sport that they will be participate in, and where the meal will be held afterwards. Also use the same design for the RSVP card.

Check out these cute and printed sports theme baby shower invitations:


  All Star Sports - High Quality Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape  

All Star Sports Baby Shower Invitations





Sports Baby Shower Decorations

Sports parties usually take lots of outdoor fun in your yard or a nearby park. But if the weather is no as beautiful as you expect, you can also use the sports theme baby shower idea below to decorate an indoor party as well. More tips for Baby Shower Sports Theme.

  • Use the color of the favorite team of the parents-to-be as the color scheme. Also consider the baseball party kit as your baby shower party idea.
  • If the baby-to-come is the first child of the couple, you can design plaques for "First strike" for bowling, "First hole-in-one" for golf, "First slam-dunk" for volley ball, etc. The idea can use for the second or the third baby as well.
  • Make paper cutouts of base ball, tennis, golf, volleyball, racquetball, handball, basketball or ping pong, and scatter inflatable sports equipment all round the shower area.
  • Another cool baby shower party idea is to string a clothesline across the room. Use wooden clothespins to hang sports team baby gear, jerseys, accessories and cute baby items from the line, such as diapers, booties, toys and bibs.

Sports Theme Baby Shower Table Decorations

  1. A very creative sport baby shower party idea is to make your own sport balloon centerpieces. For a soccer ball use a black pen on white balloon, draw the stitching. For basketballs use a black marker on orange balloons, for baseballs use a red one on white balloons, etc. And use pink, blue or team color ribbons tie them to small teddy bears holding plastic diaper pins or sports props, such as trophies and medals, for table centerpiece.
  2. All star baby diaper cake is a cute ideas too!
  3. You can also decorate the guests table by having some 7" plastic cheer phones support fun sized footballs, basketballs or baseballs. The color of the cheer phone could be pink, blue or any sport team color. Not only for the table decoration, can every guest also take one home as shower favor.
  4. Spice up your table setting by sprinkling confetti on them that says "First Championship of Parents-to-be Name". Here is a great baby shower party idea - a diaper cake for that new little All Star. The dad-to-be will love miscellaneous sports themed items decorate this wonderful baby gift as well as a standout centerpiece.

Here is a short guide to help you discover baby shower sports theme tips and tricks to make your party a winner. Also check out these ready-made baby shower sports theme items:

Baseball Player 46 Cute Mommy Corsage (Blue Boy - Caucasian) 3 Tier - All Star Sports - Diaper Cake

Baseball Player 46" Jumbo Foil Balloon


Cute Mommy Corsage (Blue Boy - Caucasian)


3 Tier - All Star Sports - Diaper Cake


  All Star Sports Personalized Baby Shower Banner  

All Star Sports Personalized Baby Shower Banner






Sports Baby Shower Foods

Sport Field Cake - You can bake a rectangle cake using your favorite cake mix and a rectangle pan. Frost the top of the cake green for a grass field. Then use white frosting to mark the lines on the field. And ice the ends the field with your favorite team's color and pipe their name on over the frosting in white and add plastic goals. Now, you come to the most exciting part: Cut out oval pieces of Bristol board and glue on cut outs of favorite sports players (keep their bodies but glue the parents-to-be and guests' face on them). Then attach it to a popsicle stick and stick into the cake.

Sports Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas - Create upgraded stadium foods, like a gourmet hot dog bar, or super long sub sandwiches for a variety of tastes. Try this recipe on for size. It can be made up to 2 days in advance, makes a spectacular presentation and feeds a hungry crowd. You can throw a barbecue if you are hosting this in a private home or reserve a room at a clubhouse or restaurant. Have kids pass out Cracker Jacks, popcorn and pretzels using large box lids covered with sport themed paper and with a thick ribbon to go around the neck (like the vendors who sell refreshments to you at your stadium seats..)

Also try each baby shower party idea for food below:

  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Salsa
  • Cheese squares
  • Vegetables
  • Dips
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Chicken Wings
  • Home run pizza
  • Ice-cream ball

Sports Theme Baby Shower Drinks - You can serve any popular sport drink like Gatorade, Power Shake or smoothie drink. Here is a smoothie recipe I loved for years - the Pink Panther: Place 5 raspberries, 5 strawberries, 2 tbsp redcurrants, 2 tbsp Greek-style yoghurt, 1 handful ice and 3-4 tbsp milk into a liquidizer. Then blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into long sundae glasses. And mix 55g/2oz raspberries with 1 tbsp icing sugar, and press through a sieve. Drizzle the coulis on top of each glass, and serve.


Sports Baby Shower Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:

Balloon Pass - This is a game of pass the balloon - but you´re going to be holding the balloon between your knees! Each team must pass the balloon to next person in line, keeping the balloon between their knees - no hands allowed. If the balloon drops, it must start at beginning of the line again.

Balloon Name Search - Don't you remember those sports ball made by balloons? This baby shower party idea for games is going to have extreme fun popping your guests with everyone else. Prepare ahead of time by blowing up dozens of sports balloon. Stick little pieces of paper with different names inside before you tie them off. On one piece, put the name the parents have chosen for the baby-to-come. The guest to pop the balloon with the special name in it wins a prize. You can require guests to pop it different ways such as sitting on it or squeezing it between their knees.

Name An Athlete - You´ll be seeing a lot of sports games as we try to include men in this baby shower games. How better to keep a man entertained than talk about sports? Have your guests gather in a circle, we're going to have a little sports trivia. You get to start the game by naming a sport, and an athlete that plays that sport - like baseball and Sammy Sosa. Then going around the circle, each guest has to name a different athlete that plays the same sport. Anyone who can´t name an athlete is disqualified. Have the group be the judges to determine wrong answers. Once everyone has had a chance with the first sport, name a different sport like football and start over again. You can even add a bit complication to have each guest name a Sports Newscasters!

Dont' fortget to check out these cute and printable baby shower games:

A to Z Baby Name Race Couples Trivia: Are You Ready? Who's Who - Children's Bible Stories

A to Z Baby Name Race


Couples Trivia: Are You Ready?


Who's Who - Children's Bible Stories





Sports Baby Shower Party Idea for Gift

Looking for the perfect baby gift for a little sports fan? Then make your own gift basket as the centerpiece. Use team color balloon, flower. Gag gifts are fun, too. Or you could buy clothing for the new baby with Dad´s favorite sports team´s logo or matching Dad and Baby t-shirts. Think about necessities like batteries, too. Most likely they won't be on Mom's registry, but all parents know that batteries are a hot commodity in any house with children.

You can use each baby shower party idea below when you don't know what to buy:

Hot Dog - Boy Sports Baby Gift Idea Baby's First Soft Colorfun Ball Baseball

Daddy's Gearing Up for Little All Star


Baby's First Soft Colorfun Ball


"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Baseball Outfit 3-Piece Layette Set in All-Star Gift Box



Sports Theme Baby Shower Favors

Use candy mold in shape of football, basketball, baseball and other sports equipments to make chocolate party favors. Give every guest the sport shaped chocolate with little Gatorade, cracker jacks, whistles and any other sports related items by putting them in large plastic drink cup - just like what you get at sporting events.

Your guests will love how the personalized elegant baby shower sports theme favors:

Mini Sports Bag All Star Sports Wrapper - Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Baby Shower Favors Lollipop - Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Mini Sports Bag

$15.00 per set of 6

All Star Sports Wrapper - Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Favors


Lollipop - Personalized Favors





Share Your Sports Baby Shower Party Idea

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Sports Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding creative baby shower ideas:

If you've just thrown a sport baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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