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Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Party Gifts

With dozens of possibilities for baby shower party gifts, finding the right one isn't always easy! Here are some choices that won't go wrong!

The SwaddleMe

SwaddleMe wrapThe ingenious SwaddleMe wrap is a relative newcomer to the baby gift market, but so many new parents swear by it that it's well worth consideration.

If you've ever watched one of the hospital nurses wrap a newborn with the mind-bending swiftness that only comes with practice, you can surely appreciate the usefulness of putting this gift on your list!

The clever SwaddleMe wrap takes the place of a simple receiving blanket. For new, sleep-deprived parents, the struggle to swaddle a squirmy, howling baby the traditional way is not a skill easily learned, yet the baby tends to expect perfection the first time. Enter the SwaddleMe. Simply position the baby in the center and the folds fasten with Velcro for a perfect swaddle every time!

Even better, it's one of those items you can't have too many of. One leaky diaper and the thing is out of commission until it can be washed and dried, so in this case parents will be grateful for duplicate gifts!

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The Moses Basket

The Moses BasketWhen you select baby shower party gifts, it helps to keep the practical part of life with a newborn in mind. When you consider those day-to-day tasks, the Moses Basket becomes an obvious winner! New moms favor bassinets because newborns seem to be calmed by the smaller spaces, but even a bassinet isn't usually portable. The Moses Basket is!

One baby snuggles down to sleep in this adorable basket, parents can easily move him or her around from room to room. Anxious moms can do household chores, prepare meals, and even take one of those elusive new-mommy showers, all while keeping her newborn by her side. The gift of not having to worry – or wake a sleeping baby – is priceless, which makes this gift well worth the price!

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The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer

Baby Care TimerIf you've spent any amount of time with a newborn, you can appreciate the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer!

This clever gadget makes it easy for sleep-deprived parents to know exactly how long it has been since the last feeding, diaper change, and nap. It also has a bonus setting that you can use for other options such as medication or special needs.

Unless you've actually been a new mom, it's hard to fully explain the impact of this clever tool. Nursing moms worry endlessly that their babies have enough milk, and to complicate matters they have to remember which side the baby nursed from last.

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer will remember for her even when she can't! When the days run on endlessly – and sleeplessly – this tool will make new parents feel like they're doing things right. That's an amazing gift, especially for folks who haven't slept in days!

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The best baby shower party gifts aren't always the obvious ones. These smart gifts are proof of that, and they're sure to be the hit of the party!

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