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Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Baby Boy Shower InvitationsWe have the most adorable baby shower party favor ideas that can wow your guests! Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is always entertaining, especially if you provide amazing Shower favors for your guests. The number of options available for these favors is incredible, but some are more likely to be memorable than others.

Here are a few Shower favor ideas that could help you leave a lasting impressing on those guests.



Practical Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas


Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Most hosts don’t want to throw any of their party budgets away so when it comes to choosing Shower favors, they want something the guests will actually use. One idea is Personalized Hand Sanitizer.

While it might not seem glamorous, people can’t get enough of these waterless ways to get their hands germ-free. If the shower occurs at the height of cold and flu season, you definitely will have a winner with these.

Hatch Kitchen Egg Timer

If your baby shower need something practical and adorable then the About to Hatch Kitchen Egg Timer should be on your list. The timer actually serves a purpose, but its adorable egg shape and detailed packaging will leave guests speechless.

Keep this favor in mind if your shower theme involves baby chicks, birds, or other animals associated with egg laying.

Flower Pot Pen

Who doesn’t need to have a pen handy? Another example of fun favors is the Flower Pot Pen. The favor stands about seven inches tall and comes decorated with one of six different types of silk flowers, including orange or pink Gerber daisies.

Not only are these creative favors but they make beautiful table decorations, especially if you are having a flower themed Shower.


Elegant Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas


Crystal Baby Pacifier

While some showers are casual, others are a little more upscale. In those cases, more elegant Shower favors may be called for.  A Crystal Baby Pacifier favor would be a beautiful item to give each shower guest. Each pacifier comes in its own decorative packaging so guests will be amazed at how lovely each one looks. The Crystal Baby Stroller would also work as one of these favors.


Butterfly Bookmark

If you need baby shower favors that look expensive but fit within your budget, you might consider the Butterfly Bookmark. The bookmark is made from polished metal and would be the perfect favor for a butterfly or garden themed shower.

You could also choose the Personalized Mini Bud Vase favors. The vases can be placed on the table to hold a beautiful flower matching the shower’s color scheme.

Then the guests can take them home to add their own flowers while fondly remembering the shower each time they add a new rose or daisy.


Creative Choices

Japanese Crane Favors

If you really want to set your shower apart, you want to consider some very creative favor ideas. For example, who would think to use Japanese Crane Favors?

These favors appear to be origami cranes but actually double as handy chopstick holders. They would be perfect for an Asian themed shower or a crane or stork-themed event.

Baby Powder Scented Votive Candle

Besides dirty diapers and spit up baby formula, what is the one smell most often associated with newborns? If you guessed baby powder, you’d be right. So another great idea is the Baby Powder Scented Votive Candle. Most guests will never have smelled anything like it.

For something more formal, you could hold an afternoon tea baby shower with cakes, finger sandwiches, and different flavors of hot tea.

Whole Leaf Tea Sachet Favors

A great favor for such an event (or really any shower) would be Whole Leaf Tea Sachet Favors. The teas come in several flavors, including jasmine, ginger, and Earl Grey. You could even serve those flavors of tea at the shower then let guests choose their favorite to take home.

Whether you’re going for practical, elegant, or creative baby shower party favor ideas, always keep in mind your theme, your budget, and your guests. Remember your Shower favor should be the perfect accompaniment to a memorable event.



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