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Coolest Baby Shower Invitations

Coolest Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations come with your heart can set a mood of fun and excitement well before the party begins. If you are a DIY type, you may ask, "There are tons of magazines, books and web sites provide ideas and products of invitations, but where should I get started?" Relax. Finding unique invitation design is full of pleasure. And if you are good at hand crafting, your own invitation design can add a special personal touch to start an unforgettable moment.

Unique Designed Invitations in Discounted Prices

To help you save money on baby shower card purchasing, I've also setup this online bargain place for you. You can search through hundreds of unique designed baby invitations all in discounted prices.

Modern Baby Shower Invite

Modern Shower Invitations


Print Baby Shower Card

Cute Print Invitations



Baby Shower Invites by Top Designers

Modern Baby Shower Invitations

Here are different types of baby shower invitations by famous designers, including customized invites that best matches the mom--to-be's style and budget. I highly recommend you check out these stylish and discount invitations which are not only the precious time saver for the hostess, but also keeps your memory last long for years after the celebration:



More Theme Baby Shower Cards

It couldn't be more exciting than making Brand-On-One baby cards by your hand, and in your fashion.



Share Your Invitation Design with Us

Lots of the invitation ideas on this web site have been graciously submitted by readers like yourself. For example, here are some cool designs:

Raggedy Ann Invite Raggedy Ann Baby Shower Invite - Lori Fisher from Somerset, PA
Picnic Baby Shower Invitation Picnic Shower Invitation - Katie Betler, South Park, PA
Diaper Baby Shower Invitations Diaper Invitation - Marisol Sosa-Pineda, Kendail, FL


What Is The Cutest Baby Shower Invitation Design You've Seen?

Do you have a cute baby shower card? Are you planning to design your own invitation for your next "Welcome New Baby" party? If you have a special card making story, I would love to hear all about your memorable idea!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click the links below to see card making ideas and photos from other baby shower junkies...

Diaper Baby Shower Invitation 
I wanted something inexpensive to make but very unique, so I decided how unique it would be to make a ACTUAL Diaper invitation. My daughters baby shower …

Duck Themed Baby Shower Invites 
I'm working on a duck themed baby shower for a friend who doesn't know the sex! I think they are pretty cute so I wanted to share them with you & everyone …

Rubber Duckie Baby Shower Invitation 
I messed with this for hours, because, of course it had to be perfect for my first grand baby :) I just moved things & added & deleted items until I …

picnic baby shower invitation 
My baby shower invitation is unlike any other you will probably ever hear of. I love to throw parties and be creative so here is what the plan is. …

Baby Shower Invitation Designs Not rated yet
I started this obsession with designing baby shower invitations about a year ago. I just love the happiness that goes along with someone finding out their …

Super Mama Not rated yet
Estas invitado al Baby Shower de Juana

Baby Shower Scrapbooking Idea Not rated yet
The Baby Shower Scrapbooking idea may not be a new idea but I have never heard of anyone doing this before. Baby showers are a great way to get gifts …

Baby Layette Crochetted Invitation Not rated yet
Knowing that I love handmade cloths and the craft work that all my older relatives do, my sister-in-law sent out a strange sort of baby shower invitation. …

Memory Jar for Mom & Baby Not rated yet
When sending out baby shower invitations, include a paper or 3X5 lined note card with directions, whereby a guest can share a memory of the mommy to …

Click here to write your own.


Here are more unique homemade invitations submitted by visitors.



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