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Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Are you looking for some creative baby shower invitation wording? Okay, the first thing you need to do is sit down and think about Who To invite. Have a conversation with the mom-to-be and decide the guest list. Or phone up her close friends and relatives for the information that whose faces she would be happy to see - if your shower is a surprise one. >> Modern Shower Invitation Designs

Already have the answers?

Great, finish your guest list paper and start to write the wonderful invitation wording!


What's Your Theme?


Set The Wording With Themes

The shower theme sets the tone for the special event. So incorporating words that related to your theme is the best way to be creative.

For example, here is a idea for Winnie The Pooh invitations: "Mama Pooh, Daddy Pooh and what... a new Baby Pooh is on the way in the Smith Den! Celebrating the entire Smith family for their new arrival!"

You can easily change it to fit any other cute themes - use words like "Bear", "Duck", "Snoopy", "Frog" to replace the "Pooh". The ideas are endless!


Special Occasions For Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If your theme is holiday or special event, there are so many free baby shower verses on the internet.

Let's say you're making Halloween theme invitations, type like this: " Soon the Frost will be on the Pumpkins! We have been waiting so long, and now we have a new little one coming to our Patch! Proud Parents: Tina & Fred. Our little Punkin' is expected on December 11, 2005."

If you don't have a theme, no worries - it can't be more applealling to use those infant essentials in your invitation wording, like "...bottles & botties, diapers & pins, Bibs and More. This is where the love begins!"

Use a cursive writing for an elegant theme, or use a sillier, cutesy typing for a funny shower invite.


Types of Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Girl or Boy?

The basic rule to reflect the baby's sex on the invitation is to use pink ink(girl) or blue ink(boy) to print the invite.

It's always good enough that simply tell people it's a baby shower for baby girl or baby boy.

I really love the idea to use a baby's voice as invitation verses like: "Oh, I'm a Boy/Girl! I'm almost here, I'm on the way, and I'm the reason you celebrate today. So I think you all from the bottom of my heart, for helping my Mom and Dad give me a great start..."

Don't know the gender?

If the new parents dont' want to find out the baby's gender before it is born, you can use these invitation wording from

More than one baby?

So, the new mom is having twins? First, Double Congratulations to your friend! :-)

As this double happinesses deserve double baby gifts, type your baby shower invitation wording with a lot of "Two" and "Double".

Here is a idea: "Two by they come! Stacy's having twins boys. Double the diapers, double the pins, double the fun! We all two happy two have to you here!"

Looking some baby shower invitation wording unique? Place two socks or shirts in each envelope - so everyone knows this is a twin baby shower!

You can use the same techniques for baby triplets or even more babies!


More Tips For Invitation Wording

Don't forget the gift registry as it's the best way to avoid gift duplication.

You can either type the gift registry website address at the end of the baby shower invitation wording, or put it on a separate slip of paper if you're setting the registry with a local store. and are two of the best online gift registry you should consider.

If the parents don't want people buy gifts for their baby, just prepare your baby shower invitation wording like this: "No gift needed...You presence is the greatest gift for the little Johnson!"

I always can find great examples at VerseIt - so can you!

If you'are having some games which need guests bring something to the shower, include this information at the bottom of your invitations. A really creative example, at a Baby Book Shower, is to ask guests dress up as their favorite character from a children's stroy such as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.


Final Check

Review again your baby shower invitation wording before the printing:

  • Name of the guest
  • The date and time of the shower
  • Address and a map include directions
  • Shower theme
  • Name of the baby
  • Name of the parents
  • Special instruction(include a gift registry)
  • Name of the hostess/host
  • RSVP card

Now you can print out your favorite invitations, stamp and send them out!

If you've got some creative invitation wording to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form. You can WIN a cool prize - but more importantly, you'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate baby shower community for everyone to enjoy!



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