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Perfect Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

There are many ways to send special unique baby shower invitations. However you decide to do it, the important thing is to make your invitation how you like it.

Make it personal and Enjoy!

No Theme? Let the Baby Help You!

Before you rush out to get your perfect baby shower invitation ideas, can I kindly ask you:"Do you have a theme?"

Eh, if your answer is no, think about the baby.

"Ask" the little one for your best ideas and types of baby shower invitations.

Baby Bottle Invitation
Just check out some of the best online card stores and pick up any cute invites you like. Roll up the invitation tied with ribbon and stuff it inside the Baby Bottles, or simply paste it to the outside. What a lovable present!

Diaper Invitation

Cut out triangles from pink or blue construction paper or felt. Write the invitation on one side of the triangle. Fold the bottom corner up and then the sides to create a diaper. Pin it with a baby diaper pin that you can purchase at any baby store.

Using the baby shower invitation ideas above, you can simply send the invitations with any baby-related items - ducks, balloons, rattles,bips...on and on.

Velum Overlay
Buy some papers, ribbons and several pieces of velum you like at any scrap-booking or craft store. Open your computer, type any wording for baby shower invitations you like and print it onto the velum. Attach the velum on top of the scrapbook paper with the ribbon - What a fancy invitation it is!

And it doesn't take much time from you to finish it!

~ Coolest Baby Shower Invitation Ideas ~

Inviting People with Your Themes

If you decide to buy the invitations, there are many lovable printable invitations all designed within unique themes on these discount baby shower invitations to print.

But why not make your own invitations?

You might wondering:"Handmaking is such a time-consuming and overwhelming job, why should I try?". Without a theme, you probably right...

Uh, we'are talking about using a theme, don't worry, :-)

Any shower theme will help you handle the situation easy - however the shower is for baby boy/girl, first or second baby, twins / triplets, or even an unusual coed baby shower.

Teddy Bear Invitation
Buy small stuffed bears and attach a folded sheet of paper containing your baby shower details to the stuffed bear's wrist. And attach the RSVP, already in its return envelope to the other hand.

Good at craft work? Just try another way.

Copy the shape of a teddy bear onto card stock for a template. Cut out the teddy bear shape on a heavy weight paper, and decorate it with ribbons and buttons. Draw in the bear's features with a magic marker. Then write the party details on another square of paper. Attach it to the hand of the cut out teddy bear.

Take a look at your works, can you feel the creativity and a sense of love inside of your little masterpiece?

~ Coolest Baby Shower Invitation Ideas ~

More Theme Ideas

You can come up with more baby shower invitation ideas, all incorporating with your party themes.

Here are a few examples:

1. Winnie the Pooh Invitations - check out this page full of winnie the pooh baby shower invite.

2. Baby Safari Invitations - lots of animals, perfect for a stuffed animal baby shower theme.

3. Noah's Ark Invitations - an adorable choice of baby shower invitation when mommy is having twins.

4. Old MacDonald Invitations - eieio, the must-have baby animal invitation sets the tone for an Old MacDonald themed baby shower.

5. Picnic Invitation submitted by Katie Betler, South Park, PA.

Now, print, address, stamp and send them out, Wonderful Job!

Sit down and serve yourself a cup of coffee, wait for the unforgetable moment that everyone "WOW" with opening your unique invitation - they will call you without seconds - that's what you exactly want!

If you are looking for more cute card designs, you can browse through these cute discount baby Shower invitation ideas.



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