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Coed Baby Shower Ideas and Photos submitted by:
Kimberly Ripley from Portsmouth, NH

Do you understand what men think of baby showers?

The answers could be...

- "Girls goo goo gaa gaa over all the baby gifts, talk about their own babies if they have one, and if they don't, talk about what they would do if they did have their own. Guys just sit on the couch and drink beer."

- "I'm pretty sure girls get together and give gifts to the new momma for the baby, diaper bags, etc. The mom opens the gifts and says 'Oh, I love it!' and moves on to the next one. I think they eat cake and cookies there too...

- "Crazy stuff. Like eating poo, playing sadistic games, talking about diaper genies."


Well, we'd better find out how to force them to have a good time then, eh?

Kimberly Ripley from Portsmouth, NH, emails her story about how to get the guys have fun at the baby shower.

It's sometimes hard to have some "Jack and Jill" baby shower ideas.

There's not always a lot for the guys to do. When we had this coed shower in January for our Jenny, we incorporated a game that got the guys involved and had everyone in stitches.

Diaper Surprise

We played a fun game at Jenny's coed baby shower. ABout 35 people attended---both men and women.

I purchased a package of diapers and made sure everyone got one when they came through the door. When we had a bit of a lull in the shower festivities, it was a perfect time to ask guests to see if they had a surprise inside their diaper. I had toyed with using little tootsie rolls, but they would be discovered too easily---way before the game was played.

So I used brown magic marker and drew a little poopie inside five or six of the diapers. Anyone with a poopie got a prize. The rest of the diapers were folded back up and sent home with the mom-to-be.

Dad-to-be VS Baby Bottle

We gave each male a baby bottle filled with milk--which of course had been sitting at room temperature since the start of the baby shower.

Then the dad-to-be is ready to compete like this...

guys drink with the baby bottles...

They looked foolish sucking down bottles as fast as they could!

guys drink with the baby bottles...

Here is another guy who drink like a baby...

guys drink with the baby bottles...

The winner obviously received a prize, and we received a priceless collection of photos.

The dad was a riot.

And the grandfather, who passed away just weeks after the baby was born, was having a ball.

We'll definitely use this game again at future baby showers that include the guys!

Thanks, so much, Kimberly from your baby shower ideas! I love these photos...and if I were you, it will be a great weekend throw a coed Shower.


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