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Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Why not have your baby shower ideas stick with the spookiest fun? Halloween is not only for the kids, it's a timeless opportunity for family and friends to get together and have some unique laughter and fond memories over the years.


Halloween Baby Shower


No need to browse forver for the best deal on little pumpkin baby shower supplies, here you can compare and pick up everything you need:

You can use my halloween theme ideas below as templates and mordify them to your need. You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:



Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower ideasThis cute orange autumn elephant fun baby card, can commemorate your newest addition with some hefty help from this elephant! It's perfect to spread your happy news to your family and friends.

Another easy baby shower ideas is to cut out a pumpkin from orange card stock paper. Then use a pair of scissors to "cave" a fun face and write like this:

"Soon the Frost will be on the Pumpkins! We have been waiting so long, and now we have a new little one coming to our Patch! Proud Parents: Tina & Fred. Our little Punkin' is expected on December 11, 2005."

A more creative idea is to make wizard map invitations (however looks like a Harry Potter fan's favorite, our halloween people do love magic and mystery):

  • Make the invitations by rolling the edges of antique white paper with scissors. Write the Shower details using white crayon, and send out by mailing tubes along with a color crayon - don't forget to tell the guests that they must revel the secret party information using the color crayon to color over the white papar.
  • Or simply write everything on parchment paper using invisible ink felt pen, and the recipient need a decoder pen to read the original party information.
  • If you want to set a more spooky mood, seal the invitation by melting some orange or black wax, fastening it to the invitation and adding a big "H" to the wax while it is still soft.

Dont' forget to check out these cute and printed little pumpkin invitations and cards:


Baby Toast: Pumpkin High Chair: Pumpkin Little Pumpkin - Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Baby Toast: Pumpkin

High Chair: Pumpkin

Little Pumpkin Invitations With Squiggle Shape


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Halloween Baby Shower Decorations

Halloween Decorating KitMake a shower sign at the front door using glow-in-the-dark paints on black cardboard or poster board, and this outdoor Halloween decorating kit can help you get the feeling you want.

Here are some spooky decoration ideas you can try:

  1. Create a pure Halloween baby shower sight, collect umbrellas with color of black, orange or midnight blue. Open them up, hang them upside down from the ceiling with colored streamers flutter above your heads. Then cut out a large round moon from big cardboard covered with shiny yellow wrapping paper and hang it from the ceiling with gold or silver stars surrounding it.
  2. Cover the table in black or mignight blue tablecloths and decorate them using small pumpkins with orange, black and yellow flowers and adding a few props, such as small scarecrows and gold stars. Sprinkle autumn colored fake leaves and orange or midnight blue confetti on the tables that says "It's a boy" or "It's a girl". Use both if the baby's sex is unknown. You can also make napkin rings using fall silk leaves, miniature baby items and fall ribbon.
  3. Add white, yellow or orange miniature Christmas lights to some large dead branches. Decorate them with miniature baby items, like booties, socks, diapers, small bottles of lotion and so on. Secure them in pots filled with candy or chocolate wrapped in shiny orange or black wrapping paper. Place around your shower room or on the tables.

*Misc: Making artificial fog yourself is one of the coolest baby shower ideas in Halloween days. Fill some large containers (bucket or pot) with water. Then add dry ice to the water (the propotion is 2 parts water to 1 part dry ice). You can control the thickness and lasting-time of the fog by changing the temperature of the water. Cooler is thinner but last longer.

Here, you'll find the baby shower items perfectly designed for the spookiest Shower you've ever imagined.

Or check out these little pumpkin baby shower ideas to decorate your party environment:


Playtime Blocks Blushing 3 Tier Modern Diaper Cake - Green / Brown Little Pumpkin - Baby Shower Personalized Placemats

Halloween Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece

3 Tier Modern Diaper Cake - Green / Brown

Little Pumpkin - Baby Shower Personalized Placemats

  Halloween Paper Fans  

Halloween Paper Fans




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Halloween Costume for Baby Shower

Halloween is all about pumpkin and costume. And the spookiest idea is to make your own costume, it's inexpensive and full of fun.

  1. One of the cutest baby shower ideas is to have a little costume fun. Moms may be kind of limited in their choices of costume because of their size. But, there is always something cool out there. How about suggesting that the mom-to-be dress like the dad-to-be! This will get a lot of smiles and laughs from the guests!
  2. M&Ms are round like a pregnant woman, colorful, and fun! Suggest that the mom-to-be don one of these sweet costumes for her baby shower. Be sure to incorporate her look into the overall festivities by providing gobs and gobs of M&M candies throughout the event. She could put on the humor by trying to convince guests not to eat "her M&M pals". Everyone will have a fabulous time with this one.
  3. Celebrate her "bun in the oven" with a costume that's perfectly suited to being an expectant mother. Using a cardboard box, create an "oven" and then the mom-to-be can paint her stomach to look like a big cinnamon bun, hamburger bun, or other type of bread. She may want to use a piece of clear plastic on the box for the oven "window" so that her tummy is not totally exposed. Either way, this costume will rock!
  4. Decorate that belly with paint to make it look like just about any type of ball you can imagine. Moms will look cute with basketball bellies, beach ball bellies, or even tennis balls! Painting just the belly will allow the expectant mother to control when and who sees her "costume". She can always put it away when she wants.
  5. The expectant mom could go "au natural" by becoming a part of nature. Wear frilly clothing and turn her belly into a bright sunflower with a little belly paint! Another nature-inspired costume is the "pearl in the clam" costume. With this one, the mom will craft a clam shell and strap it around her body. This shell will reveal a ginormous pearl, which will be her baby bump painted in iridescent colors. Of course, one could never forget two of the most common, yet silly, belly costumes ever…the all-too-familiar pumpkin and watermelon. Nobody tires of seeing a perfect shaped belly fruit costume!
  6. And WOW! These maternity Halloween costume ideas can be a hit to your baby shower with Halloween theme.


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Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for Foods


Traditionally, Halloween is all about candy, but the mom-to-be won't like too many foods high in sugar. Fortunately, there are great alternatives for Halloween. These healthy food treats fit perfectly into the food plan for a pregnant women:

  1. Let the eyes have it! Halloween would not be what it is today if not for tons of spooky and wacky eyes that seem to mysteriously appear during that Fall harvest season. To bring those eyes to the party, think beyond just simple plastic googly eyes. Put eyes all over your food and your guests will be totally intrigued and their minds will be fixated on having great Halloween fun. You can add "eyes" to basic foods like Deviled eggs. Once they are sliced in half and filled, top each with an olive, with the pimento still in it, that's cut in round slices. Place them on the filling part of the Deviled eggs, and situate them in pairs. Another option is to add "eyes" to your punch! Using a round ice cube maker, fill it with dark colored soda. Then, place the round "eye" shaped ice cubes in a light punch!
  2. Who let the spiders take over? When it comes to baby shower foods that have Halloween flair, spiders can easily be added to the day's affair without leaving a webbed mess everywhere! Spider cookies are easy to make. Simply take chocolate sandwich cookies, and place string licorice in the sides to create the legs. Use icing to make eyes on top and fill a tray with these 8-legged goodies!
  3. Spider sandwiches. Another spider option is to create spider sandwiches. Use a round cookie cutter to create the body for the spiders. Go for dark breads like pumpernickel for the most dramatic effect. Fill the sandwiches with something yummy, and then add carrot sticks around the sides to create the legs. Don't forget about the spider cake. Instead of making the cake really cutesy, go for a real thriller by making the cake a huge black hairy spider! Be sure that the inside is made with a dark red cake like Red Velvet for an even greater visual impact!

More "scary food" ideas for Halloween theme shower:

  • Pasta (Guts)
  • Chicken wings (Bat Wings)
  • Scary version of hotdog
  • Caramel apples
  • Hot turkey sandwich
  • Monster teeth (green peas)
  • Ghostly white potatoes and gravy
  • Sugar-free chocolate pudding(with whipped cream ghosts swirled on top)
  • Nachos and cheese with green food coloring


Halloween Baby Cake

Turn any cake into an all Hallows specialty by adding a few yummy, but ghoulish embellishments. Make a "boney" cake by adding "bones" all over and around a store-bought sheet cake. Construct the "bones" using marshmallows and pretzel rods that are dipped in white chocolate or yogurt covering. Another option is to make a cake that "screams" fun. Dip strawberries in white chocolate to make them look like ghost heads, and then decorate their "faces" to make them look like they're screaming. Then, place them all around and on top of the cake! Both of these cake ideas are easy to do, but the results are sure to get tons of looks, squeals, and smiles at the baby shower.



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Halloween Baby Shower Games


Who said baby shower must be full of those old traditional Oohs-and-Aahs? Entertain your guests with custom printed full colors halloween party games...They're fast, fun & super easy!

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:

Pregnancy How Sweet It is - This is one of the yummiest halloween baby shower ideas. You can let your guests find out just how much candy bars and pregnancy have in common as they race to match the pregnancy word with the candy name. Another alternative is to pass around a dish of M&M's and have each guest grab as many as they want. Once they've taken as many as they want, announce that they have to say something about themselves for each candy! You can make it easier by having guests name a favorite movie for every green candy, or a favorite food for every red candy - Mmmm, yummy!

Carve A Pumpkin Baby - Want to see some art masterpieces? Well, you probably won't find it here, but you will get a good laugh at some of these works of art. Give each guest a small pumpkin and a knife because they'll be carving a baby face on the pumpkin...but first, they must put the pumpkin on top of their head! When guests are finished carving their baby, have the parents-to-be judge the artist's masterpieces to find a winner.

Or you can use this Draw The Pumpkin as an alternative.

Baby Food Guess - One of the most classic baby shower ideas all about eating strange and gross things with halloween theme! And you can have lots of fun in many ways.

  • The easiest is to mark a paper plate with numbers, in a clockwise circle. Then dab a bit of food next to each number. Give each guest a plate that they can then sample, trying to name the baby food - it's great fun to pick out the worst tasting baby foods! To make it harder, use pairs of foods with the same color, like peas and green beans, pears and applesauce, potatoes and bananas, or squash and peaches.
  • Or even throw experienced guests a curve ball:
    • Wash out 3 of the jars and make some new "specialty foods for the modern baby" like minced Cheetos with a little apple juice, peanut butter and grape jelly, or broccoli.
    • After filling the jars, heat them in the microwave and re-cap. As they cool, the pop-up seal will suck back down, and no one will know they've been opened. Then ask guests look at jar and name it, but no tasting allowed.

Also check out these cute baby shower party games that can be your hit:


Baby Shower Sketch-A-Guest Baby Crosswords Baby Shower Fundamentals


Baby Crosswords

Baby Shower Fundamentals

  Baby Memory Challenge  

Baby Memory Challenge





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Halloween Baby Shower Gifts & Favors


Halloween Baby Gifts

Give the "mummy"-to-be a diaper cake that is made especially for the season. Decorate the diaper cake with cloth diapers so that it looks like it's being overtaken by ghosts and goblins! You could also create a diaper cake that is truly a mummy theme, with little mummies tucked in all over it, just waiting for their chance to surprise the expectant mom. Diaper cakes are always practical and make fantastic Halloween themed gifts.

Instead of going with traditional pumpkin related stuff for the Shower, opt instead for something that's all about the color "orange". Give the mom-to-be a gift set that's filled will mandarin orange scented candles, soaps, or shower gels. Then, include a card on the gift that reads, "Orange you glad that this isn't a pumpkin of a gift!" Not only will everyone be surprised, but they will giggle at the idea as well.

Buy clothes for baby that are born out of fall inspired colors. Fall offers a wonderful color palette including earthy browns, rich greens, and lively gold. These colors can be used for boys or girls, so you won't be as limited with your options. There are sure to be plenty of unisex outfits and clothing items that will get lots of adoration when the gifts are opened at the baby shower!

You can also put the baby-to-come's first name on these Little Pumpkin Infant costume - like "carved" exclusively for the baby.


Halloween Shower Favors

Make homemade iced sugar cookie or chocolate in the shapes of sun, moon, stars and pumpkins. Pack several together in Halloween decorated boxes or cellophane and tie with orange and black ribbon.

The trick or treat candy jar is a great idea to fill any halloween shower treats. You can have it custom personalized with with any name or greeting.

Or bring a touch of paradise to your baby shower with a few Halloween leis around your guests' necks.

Here are the coolest selection of little pumpkin favors & gifts:


Little Pumpkin Wrapper - Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Favors Halloween Tote for a Tot - Pumpkin Personalized Terry Bib and Burp Cloth Gift Set

Little Pumpkin Personalized Candy Bar

Halloween Tote for a Tot - Pumpkin

"Perky Pumpkin" Personalized Terry Bib and Burp Cloth Gift Set




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Share Your Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Cheryl's Halloween Diaper Cake

Take a look at other people's halloween theme photos and tips, and you're sure to find lots more spookiest ideas:

* Cheryl's Halloween Diaper Cake
* Staci's Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Keep your party fun, but more in keeping with a baby shower with halloween theme, rather than a typical Halloween party where anything goes.

If you've just thrown a halloween baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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