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Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Idea

Which popular motif can be twisted into coolest baby shower idea? Of course, it's the Rubber Ducky! A perfect party for the whole family to be "quacked-up" with rubber duck collectors' hobby. So you won't miss the baddiest and duckiest fun ever.

There's no need to browse around forever trying to find the best deal on rubber ducky baby shower supplies. Just compare between the four packs below which cover pretty much all the supplies you'll need:


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Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Invitations

Cut out rubber ducky from yellow card board or yellow sheet paper for your invitation cover. If you're looking for free ducky graphics, use Duck Picture and print it onto blank blue cards. Then color the duck shape in yellow. (Type "duck" to search more ducky pictures at You can even make some "flippable" wings from yellow construction paper and write the shower info under the wing. Every guest must flip over it to read the detail message like below:

"Splish, Splash! There's a baby on the way as you all know. Let's help (Couples' Name) get their 'Ducks in a Row'! So waddle on over,(Date and Time) to (Baby Name)'s Bathtub located at (shower address. Don't forget to RSVQuack(phone number)."

If you're running out of time, here is the coolest premium rubber ducky baby shower invitations:


Rubber Ducky: Blush Ducky Duo: Princess Little Ducky: Blue: Chocolate

Rubber Ducky: Blush

$0.55 each

Ducky Duo: Princess

$0.99 each

Little Ducky: Blue: Chocolate

$0.97 each




Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decoration

duck topiary centerpieceAn eye-catching table setting is to turn a basic green plant into a baby shower centerpiece by placing it in a small, straw handbag, and topping it with a classic rubber ducky.

Use rubber ducky party supplies: This baby shower idea is an excellent theme to have lots of water, inflatable pools, tubs and ducky entertainments. For a indoor shower party, you could even create a bathtub atmosphere for the shower place.

  • Royal blue, yellow and orange are perfect ideas for your color scheme.
  • Decorate your party area using colorful balloons, umbrellas and streamers according to the color scheme. A very creative baby shower idea is to put up, hang, and disperse clear balloons from the ceilings throughout the shower area so that it looks like it's overflowing with bubbles. Then setup a wonderful customized rubber ducky shower banner at the shower entry.
  • If some of your guests are rubber ducky collectors, congratulations! They can bring you something you'll be need for sure...a whole bunch of rubber duckies with a whole bunch of Quacky ideas - such as cut out orange "duck prints" and taped them all over the walls and on the front porch, or buy out every dollar store's ducks (various sizes) in your area to place throughout the shower rooms, or even pull out last year's Christmas tree and hang lots of tiny rubber ducks with miniature baby items on it.
  • For table setting, use plates, cups and napkins with duckies on it. If you can't find enough ducky tablewear, simply use any combination of the three color scheme, such as blue tablecloths with yellow plates or the opposite. You can do the same with cups and napkins.
  • The table centerpiece can be a bunch of yellow flowers (daffodils, freesia and yellow daisies) attached with helium balloons hang on with rubber dickies

One of the duck baby shower idea is use baby tubs as a punch bowl. Get one of those tubs that look like a whale. Fill it with clear watar and put in a small rubber ducky, or even add a few drops of blue food coloring to make it look like a lake.

Another way to use the tub -- fill it with individually wrapped baby gifts, include lotions, shamppoos, bottles, diapers, washcloths, etc. For an added shower effect, put some clear balloons into the tub too -- they will look like floating bubbles! Then top a rubber ducky on one of the balloons fixed by blue or orange ribbons.

Or even pick up adorable moss duck topiary. You can even have it more cute with the bunny and squirrel topiaries as companions.

Also don't forget to check out these cute rubber ducky baby shower decoration ideas:


Ducky Duck - Personalized Baby Shower Centerpieces Felt Rubber Ducky Confetti Rubber Ducky Felt Jointed Banner

Ducky Duck Centerpieces


Felt Rubber Ducky Confetti


Rubber Ducky Felt Jointed Banner

$6.99 each

  Rubber Ducky Candles  

Rubber Ducky Candles






Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Foods

Baby Shower Idea For Cake - The quickiest and duckiest baby shower idea is to use 3-D duck cake pan. If you've never made a 3-D cake before and want it to be more personal, 3-D cake pan is not necessary. There are tons of duck cake designs on the internet.

  1. Here is one for you to start unleashing your imagination: First, creat a large bowl for the duck body using lemon cake recipe. Next, cut two 10 oz. custard cups flat for the head and one 6 oz. custard cup (cut flat and cut in half) for the wings. And make the tail out of leftovers from cutting the body flat. Then roll two orange gum drops flat and cut into triangles for the beak. And use toothpicks hold it all together before serving. For the icing, any favorite yellow frosting or buttercream works fine. And add soap and bubbles made out of fondant icing.
  2. Another cool baby shower idea is to create a duck-shaped frosting on your cake. You can cut out a duck-shaped paper and after you put white icing on for the base, place the duck on the cake and traced around it with a toothpick. Then take the paper off and fill the rest of the details in (yellow boby, black eye, orange beak and toe) with the toothpick.

Try this 3D rubber ducky cake pan if you're hurry in making baby shower cake:


3-D Rubber Ducky Cake Pan

3-D Rubber Ducky Cake Pan




Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake and Diaper Cake submitted by Visitors



Baby Shower Idea For Food

Serve yellow or orange food as many as you can, like butter cookies, lemonade, or ham and cheese finger sandwiches. And don't forget to use this rubber ducky cookie cutter that you can create a complete duck-shaped buffet.

More Ducky Food Idea:

  • banana and orange hors d'oeuvres
  • chicken nuggets
  • French fries
  • meatballs subs
  • lunchmeat
  • corn soap
  • pumpkin pizza
  • Pineapple boat salad

Rubber Ducky Ice Cream: Put one large scoop of banana or lemon icecream in a cupcake liner. Then put a smaller scoop of ice cream on the top. Use two chocolate chips to make the eyes and two almond slivers for the beak. Freeze until ready to serve.


Baby Shower Idea for Punch

  • Lemonade mixed with fluorescent Gatorade
  • Blue Pond Punch: For this drink, mix blue raspberry fruit juice with 7-up (or Sprite), and fill the "water" in a baby's washtub, cover with ice and sprinkle clean rubber ducky. You can also toss a few dollops of lime sherbet before serving.
  • Have a punch bowl filled with Hawaiian punch and floated a momma and baby rubber duck in it.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:


Bobbing For Duckies - This is a baby shower idea varied from the classic Bobbing For Apples.

  1. On your mark, get set, get wet! In this Baby Shower game, instead of bobbing for apples, we're Bobbing For Rubber Duckies. Hopefully your female guests wore waterproof makeup, because they might not appreciate the camera you'll surely have ready for each adult found with a ducky in his or her mouth!
  2. Have guests hold onto the rubber ducks they retrieve instead of sending them back into the water. You´ll need extra ducks, but guests may not want to reuse them for each player. Plus, guests will appreciate your courtesy if you provide more than one tub of water and frequent refills.
  3. Hint: If you fill a baby bath with water and float the rubber ducks in it, it makes a great centerpiece. Plus, you can send the baby bath and duckies home with the parents-to-be for a bonus gift.

Baby Bath Essentials - What are the parents-to-be going to need the most? What do they think they need? This game really puts you in their shoes, because you´re trying to match their answers! Ask everyone in the room what the five most important things mom and dad-to-be will need when give baby a bath. Even the parents-to-be have to play, because whatever they write is the right answer! After everyone has had a chance to write down their answers, have the parents-to-be read what they wrote. The guest who has the most matching items, wins.

Balloon Name Search - This game is great if you have lots of children coming to a family-wide duck baby shower. They are sure to love the balloons around the room and will have fun popping them with everyone else. Prepare ahead of time by blowing up dozens of yellow and blue balloon. Stick little pieces of paper with different names inside before you tie them off. On one piece, but the name the parents have chosen if it is a boy and on another, put the name if it is a girl (or only one if they already know what they are having). The person to pop the balloon with the special name(s) in it wins. You can require guests to pop it different ways such as sitting on it or squeezing it between their knees.

Baby Bath Towel Guestbook - A cool baby shower idea that everyone will want to be a part of this one. You´ll need to get a baby bath towel, the ones with the hoods are especially cute, and several colors of fabric paint. Have the guests arrive early, before the parents-to-be so they can each have a chance to autograph the towel. Present the baby bath towel to the parents-to-be when they arrive. You can do this with a flannel baby blanket and pastel colored permanent fabric markers, too.

Also check out these fun & printable baby shower party games:


Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase

Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase




Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Favors & Gifts

The favorite part of the shower is making your own baby shower favors.

Duck candle is a cool idea.

You can also use a personalized beach bucket filled with a rubber duck, and bubbles, and then make yellow candies from a rubber duck mold. Or make duck-shaped cookies and just frost them yellow and put chocolate chips for the eyes.

You can also wrap chocolate duck, duck-shaped soap and candy in mini tin pails and placed them into Wilton rubber ducky treat bags tied with blue or pink ribbon.

Rubber ducky, you're the one! These rubber ducky baby shower favors and gifts are perfect for pampering the guests and the little one too:


Exclusive Personalized Baby Shower Mint Tins Just Ducky Giant Wall Decals Just Ducky Personalized Layette Gift Basket

Exclusive Personalized Baby Shower Mint Tins


Ducky Duck Candy Bar


"Just Ducky" 3 Tier Diaper Cake





Share Your Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Idea

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Ducky Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding creative baby shower ideas:

Exclusive Personalized Baby Shower Mint Tins Just Ducky Giant Wall Decals Just Ducky Personalized Layette Gift Basket

Angela's Duck Shower

Gail's Rubber Ducky Shower

Rachel's "Just Ducky" Baby Shower


If you've just thrown a rubber duck baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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