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Famous Baby Shower Hostess
- How Gail Hume Becomes Our
5 Star Genius?

Who is Gail Hume?

Gail's Baby Diaper CakeShe is the baby shower hostess who behind this "5 Star" rubber ducky Shower. And of course this cute diaper cake....

As you might already seen, Gail's creativities have become a hotp topic on my site if you've read all the comments she received on my site.


Here are some of them:

  • "The diaper cake is so neat, I have never seen one before, wish someone had those when I was having a shower... Good luck your ideas are great." - Sandy
  • "I am going to use your ideas for the diaper cake and some of your decorations, you are really creative.. Thanks for all the help." - Barbara
  • "Gail I love all your ideas. You're really a Diva baby shower hostess. I'm planning a Shower for my daughter in August. The theme is going to be Winnie the Pooh. Do you think I could use your idea but change the duck into Winnie the pooh?" - Valerie
  • "I LOVE all of your party ideas! I usually make diaper cakes for the showers I throw, but I really like your idea of bringing a bag of diapers for a doorprize drawing. The money tree is great too! I definitely will use many of your ideas! Thanks!" - Heather Schmidt
  • "I just love all of your ideas. You are such a cute baby shower hostess, I have my shower coming up soon, can you tell me how you made the diaher wreath & cake. I just love it." - Tosha Carlock

So first Gail, congratulations as you are so creative and willing to help!

And that's why we asked Gail to write a little bit about her experiences as a baby shower hostess and some cool story behind her showers.

Let me pass the microphone to Gail and let her continue the story.

Baby Shower Hostess GailHello everyone, I'm Gail Hume, a working mom with three children, Matt, DJ and Megan, and a busy loving husband...and of course, a baby shower hostess.

Besides running my online store part time, I really enjoy designing and making all the unique gifts and decorations. I also work full time as a Department Manager for Wal-mart, which keeps my hands full.

With so much to do, I find gettng time to shop sometimes difficult, particularly for special presents. If you're like me, I know you'll find Gail's Creations useful, enjoyable and a great value. My aim is to make it the best experience among baby craft, gifts and decorations online, by providing you with, personalized favors, decorations, gifts, shower invitation designs, printable games, etc.

There is no set way to throw a baby shower.

With that in mind, if you account for these key components you will, without a doubt, throw a successful Shower. (Location, Decorations, Food, Games, & Gifts)

So How I Start The Hobby as A Baby Shower Hostess?


It seems that preparing and planning my wedding is what started it all.

I became a 'Jill-of-all-trades' as I took on the roles of wedding planner, decorator, florist and purchasing agent as well as being the bride.

As with every great event the steps leading up to it can be stressful and overwhelming at times, the decisions to be made, the arrangements to co-ordinate, the families' feelings to be considered, it can be very intimidating at times, but remember whether you are planning a simple or a elaborate event, your day will be filled with fun and laughter, one that everyone will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

After attending our wedding, several friends & family began to ask me for more & more information and assistance as well as wanting to purchase my wedding decorations.

After assisting with several friends weddings, it seemed like the wedding crowd started having babies and were now requesting Shower ideas, including my own son.

That's why I love to be a baby shower hostess. And since then, I've thrown 12 different showers for my friends, :-)

My Coolest Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Food GameBaby shower games can be both silly and entertaining. Some are intended to embarrass the mom- or dad-to-be, but we decided to share that experience with everyone, by playing a game called THE POOPY DIAPER.

We started off by showing the guests a poster board covered with empty candy bar wrappers, then provided each guest with a pre printed paper numbered 1 threw 9 as well as a pencil.

Then we placed a tray containing three numbered diapers on each table. And informed each guest that they were to guess the type of candy bar melted in each diaper, also once finished with one tray to pass it along to the other tables. This is a great ice-breaker and gets your guests to mingle a little. Then it get really funny, when guests start to sniff the diapers and taste the contents. Yuck!, ...The winner received a giant Candy bar made into a diapered baby.

As the baby shower hostess, I love spending time, making decorations and catering parties. I really enjoy it and find it is a great way to increase the excitement at any event as well as making it more festive. The decorations do not have to be expensive. And can be hand made instead of bought at the store.

I usually go over board and I love taking photos and doing scrap booking as well.

If you have any good experiences as a baby shower hostess, take a lot of photos, you'll be happy and thankful when it comes time to share your photos with family and friends.


Baby Shower Ideas from the Hostess

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