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Coolest Baby Shower Games that
Guaranteed To "WOW" Your Guests

Coolest Baby Shower Games

What are you thinking about when you choose fun baby shower games? In fact, if you're the same type of creative, this is the best part of your personalized baby shower! On this page, we'll teach you how to find the most popular and fun games for baby shower include Icebreaker games, memory games, co-ed games, and games without winners! Also check out our collection of colorful printable games.


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Where Should You Begin The Entertainment?

When you have no idea in choosing fun baby shower games, consider using a theme. My experiences tell me that carrying your Shower theme into the planning will make choosing those games so much easier! Some easy games that can be quickly played and enjoyed by everyone

One thought before you make the game decision is designating an Shower assistant (or a cost-hostess) to help you. Depending on how complicated the games you chose are, you may want an extra hand - after all, you need to enjoy the Shower too!

We will help you choose the best ideas from the most popular baby shower games and other details that will make your planning easier. Most of the ideas below come from my personal experiences of using these printable games that sure to get your guests mingling in no time!



Ice Breaker Games

baby shower icebreaker gamesUsually, the mom-to-be should arrive first so that she can help greet guests and introduce people to each other. However, she may not be very well to helping at all. Then you should have the guests arrive half an hourbefore her.

But even for an experienced baby shower hostess, getting guests who don't know each other very well to talk and mingle can be a daunting task - imaginethat you should greet all guests at the door as theywalk in, provide them with name tags (if there are many guests)and introduce them to others to get conversations going.

If you can use a few well-chosen baby shower games that "force" guests to talk to each other, like Guest Bingo and Baby Name Meaning, you can have them warm up and "break the ice"!

Of course, if you're having a family party, chances are there aren't any introductions needed but you still have to break the ice and start somewhere.

Tips: Before you get started choosing your fun baby shower games, keep in mind who you are inviting to the event. If you're looking for some games for baby showers required guests to bring items to the Shower, you'd better choose the right game before sending out invitations.



Pencil And Paper Games

baby shower pencil and paper gamesYou may be amazed at the creativity that your guests show when you have them do some type of writing or drawing game. It's crazy how they can really get into the festivities. Justdon't play games that make them think too much, or you'll totally make the fun fade.

Make a pregnant woman beam with a game that talks about the stuff she's beencraving…CANDY! The "Pregnancy How Sweet It Is" game will be one of the best game ideas of the day! Just be sure to offer candy prizes! It's on! How about pit moms against dads in a race to see who can come up with the most baby names the fastest? You are sure to see teeth gritting, speed writing, and lots of smiles, too! A popular choice is the game of A to Z Baby Name Race.

"Memorable" Pregnant Portraits - Anytime you use "blindfold" and "draw" in the same game, you know that everyone is up for a crazy time! While blindfolded, have guests draw a picture of the pregnant momma from memory. Expect the unexpected!

Tips: If you are planning paper and pencil games, don't forget to bring the obvious…PAPER, PENCILS, and a pencil sharpener. Also, if you are doing an activity that requires a game sheet, have more copies available than guests. Don't try to cut it to exactly the number invited. Someone may decide to bring a friend or pop up at the last minute.





Memory Games

baby shower memory gamesCrosswords, word scrambles, matching games, candy bar games, they can all be added to your list of baby shower games.

You want the shower to be a real celebration and to really capture the essence of the occasion. Remember, this baby will forever change all of your lives! So, consider game ideas that can tell a story of that day and that you and your guests can think about in a time to come, and re-live this fantastic baby shower in your minds and hearts.

Back To The Future – Have guests give the baby-to-be a little piece of advice that can be used in the future. Let them decide if it should be for the baby's youth or adult life. Parents can give them to their child when the time is right!

I Pledge To Make You A Part Of My Life – Ask guests to commit to sharing an activity (hobby, educational, etc.) with your child or to make a promise to reach out (call/text/email) to your little one at least "X" amount of times per year. This will get them thinking about the role they will play in your child's life. Even though this is an activity, you might want to keep each pledge confidential to keep guests from one-upping each other.

Tips: People always say they want to remember the moment, but many often forget to bring a camera, camera phone, or video recorder. Enlist a team of guests (at least 3-4 people) who will be responsible for taking pics and videos. By having a bunch of people doing it, you won't have to worry if one of them forgets to bring their equipment.




Couples And Coed Games

Baby Shower Games for Men

New to This Section: Discover how to use coed games for men. Lots of coolest games for celebrate with a party for both sexes!

Nobody wants to sit around with a fake smile all day at a baby shower. So, you need to make sure that you keep everybody, guys and girls, engaged. If the guys were willing to come, don't you think they want to actually ENJOY themselves?

Try not to pick games that isolate the sexes because that may cause each to retreat and not really interact with the other. In other words, a long, boring baby shower is likely to be the end result.

Guys like games that are hands on. They are verytactile. So, give them a chance to really get their hands dirty by looking for games that they can really get into.

Whether it's a clean the baby's "poopy" type of game which would require them to use baby wipesto clean peanut butter or chocolate "poopy" off of a doll, or the type of game where they have to buildsomething, like some new baby contraption. They love that kind of stuff!

Have a Sing-Off! Pair up the couples and have them randomly select songs that have "baby" in the title from a basket. Then, they have to rock out with that song. Recording these performances is a must!

People love gambling, even if it's with nipples and diaper pins. That's why gambling games for baby showers are so much fun! Set up a roulette wheel featuring baby stuff and let couples bet on where the wheel will stop. Give values to the nipples, safety pins, or whatever you use. The couple with the most wins!




Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shower Games


We've also collected some baby shower games and ideas designed for boy blue theme and girl pink theme that you can buy and print out right away. Below are the top 8 best printable games of all times, starting with number 8...

Here you'll find my personal experience of using these printable games to create a special atmosphere for a baby shower party.




Baby Shower Games Without Winners

It's not always about having someone be the best or the worst. When it comes to baby shower games, you want to be sure to have some where the focus is just on fun! Plus, everybody can't take losing and you don't want to see big, grown men crying real tears over coming in last, do you?

Tips: No matter what activities or games that you select, a good rule of thumb is to keep the general audience in consideration. You don't want to introduce any game that will make people feel isolated or uncomfortable to the point that they don't want to be at the baby shower.

Also, take an inventory of your guest list beforehand, and try to keep people's situations or feelings in mind. Don't get anybody upset or present stuff that will totally embarrass your most sensitive guests.

  • Add in some activities with those fun baby shower games. Have the guests make something that they can give to the family-to-be. That way, there is no competition, but everybody can still get their hands dirty and have a great time.
  • Shake things up by giving guests baby bottles with different candies in them that can serve as musical "shakers". Have everyone compose a song that is dedicated to the family-to-be. But they have to use the bottle shakers so that every body can get their groove on!

Just getting through planning a Shower can be a blast. No matter which fun baby shower games that you end up selecting, everybody will have a ball if you keep things light, simple, and focused on the beautiful family-to-be!



Submit Your Game Ideas


Share Your Fun Baby Shower Games

Thinking of cute baby things and baby shower gift basket? Or even making guests act like a baby? I don't know about you, but I can really make a lot fun out of virtually anything.

This is also the most difficult part of baby shower planning - there are too many ideas flooding on the internet that you might have not idea how to get the most suitable one for you (and for the mom-to-be too). Everyone loves reading other's stories. So I have set up a special form to let you share your entertaining bliss here...






More Creative Baby Shower Games


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Our Top Picks for Your
Printable Baby Shower Games



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