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Baby Shower Games and Ideas for Boy

Baby Shower Games and Ideas

We have lots of baby shower games and ideas on this page. If a boy will be the one to make a special appearance in the lives of the new parents, then, these games will likely work out the best for a terrific event. I'm going to share some of the cool tips and tricks that I know work, and that will result in an amazing celebration. You can either scroll down this page and read all the games below:


Baby Shower Bam Game

Boy Baby Shower Bam GamesThis game will be great for a co-ed baby shower because guys love banging stuff. The guest/team that bams all of their marshmallows first wins! Or you can try this hilarious game of Couples Trivia: Are You Ready.

The only thing noisier than a crying baby boy is the loud booms! and bams! that he makes with his toys and things. So, help the parents-to-be get prepared for and used to the noise with this "semi-noisy" game.

You will need plenty of baby bottles that you can fill with little blue candies that makegreat noise when shaken. Give each guest a bag of blue colored marshmallows (make these by just dropping blue dye in the bag of marshmallows and shaking until they are each blue). Guests will have to use the marshmallows like nails and the bottle like a hammer. Using a timer, guests have to BAM! every marshmallow in their bag with the bottle, and place the smash marshmallow on a plate.

IMPORTANT: There should not be any competitive edge. I would count and doublecount each bag of marshmallows to make sure that everyone has the exact same number of marshmallows to keep things fair. Here are the best collection of baby shower games and ideas for boy theme celebration.



Animated Movie Crossword Game

Boy Baby Shower Crosswords GamesHere is the printable version of Baby Crosswords.

You can test your guests' knowledge of the movies. Remember, these are the same folks that may be babysitting the baby boy, so, they should know a thing or two about age appropriate flicks! Find out what they know and have a blast doing it with this game.

You should use a crossword game board, then have guests complete the crossword puzzle with thecorrect movie titles and information. The one that finishes first wins! Of course, you will have to be sure that guests have plenty of pencils. It's all too easy to forget these.

You could even make some cute pencil favors that they can take with them by wrapping a regular pencil in blue chenille stems, and having baby boy booties or a little charm based on the baby shower theme hanging from the pencil.





Nickname Nickels

This little money game is absolutely adorable. The object of the game is to see how many nicknames your guests can come up with for little baby boy.

  • Wrap up a bunch of nickels in toile sacks. Then, have each guest take a sack from a bag.
  • Some will have a lot of nickels in them, some will only have a few. That's the fun part because nobody can just pick what they want.
  • Then, for each nickel, the guests have to come up with a nickname.
  • Provide everyone with pencil and paper, and let the good times roll!

I would give an extra special prize for people that come up with more names than they have nickels! It will be added incentives for them to get really creative and crazy. This is one of those that could be classified with the wacky baby shower games and ideas, which are usually the ones that are most awesome!




Best Printable Games

Here is a collection of over 75 baby shower games and ideas that you can buy and print out right away:

  • Baby Bingo
  • Celebrity Moms & Dads
  • A to Z Baby Name Race
  • Nursery Rhyme Quiz
  • Baby's Beautiful Reflection

Printable Baby Shower Games and Ideas for Boy

75 printable baby shower games: Get More Information Here



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Baby Shower Games and Ideas



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