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How To Prepare Baby Shower Foods

Baby Shower Foods

If you're just start preparing baby shower foods and beverage, you don't need to finalize everything you'll be serving the guests. But start thinking about the menu and beverages with a general idea is necessary in the beginning.


Stay With A Theme

It's always a good idea to use party foods that carry on a theme - especially when the mom-to-be has a favorite color, or if the Shower theme revolves around a color.

Get creative!

Instead of the traditional Shower cake, have a red velvet cake or strawberry shortcake with whipped cream for a "Be MY Valentine" baby shower.

If you're hosting a baby shower in Hawaiian Luau theme, combine crushed pineapple, Dole's pineapple juice, vanilla ice-cream, banana, frozen strawberry in a blender. Add ice cubes last. Cover and blend until smooth. And serve these fancy drinks with the umbrellas in them.

See how it works? In fact, the ideas are only limited with your imagination.

If you're wondering whatelse to add to your food list, here is the sweetiest moment you've ever seen. - cookies, chocolate, fabulous appetizers and lots of lovable-and-edible thing!

And here is how you can boost A "East Meets West" Shower with chinese servingware and foods like fortune cookie, long noodle and soup.



The Food and The Shower Time

Different time of the day of the Shower makes a different party menu.

In a mid-morning party, you could serve tea with heated pastries or sweet crepes coated with melted butter.

If you'll be hosting a baby shower in the afternoon, you can go with finger baby shower foods, appetizers, and munchies like chip (or vegetable) and dip.

For other times, you can plan on light and low-carb hors d'oeuvres, or serve a nutritional meal based on snacking food, such as fresh vegetables, nuts, cheese nuggets. A full course meal really isn't typical for baby shower unless you're hosting the event during the meal-time.



And Don't Forget Your Shower Venue

A sit-down meal requires smaller space than a buffet served with plenty of colorful vegetables and glistening sauces.

Even more...if the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be love to have a baby shower in their backyard (there will be lots of male guests), like a western style cowboy party, you can barbeque up some lunch with cake and punch for desert.

For example, this was technically a Welcome Baby shower because the baby is a couple of weeks old but her mom hadn't had a shower when she was expecting.

Coolest Backyard Baby Shower

Submitted by Davii Mandel from Spring Valley, NY. They had almost a hundred guests (!) in the backyard baby shower for a yummy buffet brunch and dessert, with various wraps sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, salads & fruit!


Baby Shower Cookies


Baby Shower Cookies

Decorated sugar cookies are perfect for baby shower foods, especially if they follow the theme, such as Gingerbread boy or train cabooses.

Here are some delightful baby-and-mom cookie bouquets and keepsake gifts that I considered among the best. Each selection includes a wonderful keepsake personalized with all of the baby's information, plus a variety of scrumptious gourmet cookies that mom will surely love.

If you want to make cookies on your own, here are all kinds of cookie cutter shapes that you can use to make cute baby shower cookies:


Who Can Resist the Cakes?


Baby Shower Cakes

Personalized cakes at the bakery are getting more and more expensive. If you are too busy to make cakes, you can still go to pick one in your local bakery.

If you want to save money and to be as creative as you can, then bake the cakes with these Do-It-Yourself baby shower cake packages.

For people have plenty of time, I've collected all kinds of cake frosting and decorating ideas so that no matter what you're looking for, you can always find the best way to put your heart and energy into the cake itself.



Punch and Beverages

You can go as creative as you can in this part of the baby shower foods. My experience is to have more healthy beverage, such as bottled water, lemonade, fruit juice and punch (you can add some light alcohol).


Final Reminder

If you're so much good at cooking baby shower foods, simply skip this section and start preparing recipes, shopping the ingredients, and enjoying your food preparation.

For those who are running out of time, I recommend you try a pre-made deli tray of vegetables, fruit, meats and cheese that come with beautiful arrangement.

And don't forget to make the menu reservation two weeks before the Shower date if you plan to throw a Shower in the restaurant.




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