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Unique Baby Shower Favors

To find popular baby shower favors is not a tough job, but to elevate the ordinary (and not so ordinary) to the extraordinary is another story.

Here are two unique ideas that you can create personalized party favors without throwing your hard earned money, let me show you how to make it.

The First Idea - Personalized Bookmark

I always see guests brought unique boutique baby memory books as their baby shower gifts. So, what can be not only personalized thank you gifts but also specialized for those books?

Yes, it's the personalized book-picture bookmark baby shower favors!

You need computer, printer, scanner, white card stock, iron-on mat finish vinyl and tassel.

Start these baby shower party favors from scanning any pictures of babies or baby items from baby books.

Print the picture or a section of the picture onto white card stock in a 2-1/2" x 5-1/2" rectangle. And print 2" x 2-1/2" blue rectangles - one above the picture and another below it. If the baby is a girl, print them in pink.

Then move the rectangles down and up so they are touching the top and bottom edges of the bookmark.

Now you come to the most personalized part of these baby shower party favors.

Type on the names of guests along with any cute baby poem you like in blue (or pink). Print it out and sign your name and any further notes by handing in the blue rectangle at the bottom.

Ok, cut a strip of iron-only vinyl slightly larger than the bookmark.

Peel off protection backing and press vinyl lightly with fingers to the bookmark. And cover with a piece of thin paper and iron according to directions, and repeat the process on the other side.

Finally, use a craft knife to grim vinyl to fit your bookmarks and straight edge.

Wow! What unforgettable crafts to make for baby-shower-favors for years to come - every guest is getting special feeling with her name and a baby picture from her specific book on the bookmark!

The Second Idea -Baby Booties Shower Favors

Other than making baby shower bookmarks, you can consider something more directly related to the baby. A little bootie with the couple's name stitched in or simply a ceramic shoe...the possbilities are endless.

Go to any party supply store and buy some yellow plastic baby booties. Also buy lace edging, about 3 inches wide, colorful ribbons and small chocolate teddy bears.

Attach the lace to the top of the bootie using hot glue. Then tie a bow with the ribbon, hot glue it onto the front of the baby bootie and put the chocolate teddy bear into the bootie.

You can change the baby shower party favors above using small baby carriage, baby candle, bath and body item or any cute wrapped baby gift that fits your baby shower theme.

For example, if the mom-to-be is expecting to carry twins, then use a lot of "two" for your baby shower favors, such as 2 pair of baby socks or "Twix" candy bars.

Or wrap different flavored tea bags neatly in pastel colored tissue paper, and tie them around middle with a piece of coordinating ribbon as baby shower party favors for a tea party.

I believe that you've never celebrated the stork's latest special delivery with these oh-so-cute mints, lollipops, tea bags, take out and lots of chocolates - special design for baby shower only.

If you've got some homemade baby shower party favors to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form. You can WIN a cool prize - but more importantly, you'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate baby shower community for everyone to enjoy!



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