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Coolest Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Looking for coolest baby shower favor ideas that raise the enthusiasm for your party? There is no better place than here to unleash your inner imagination. I collected some theme party favors that really let your personalities to shine! Each idea will fit our complete collection of baby shower themes.


CBSI Favoriest Shower Themes

A to Z Baby Shower - It's everything about how to have fun with alphabets! So present each guest a custom-made bracelet or necklace - made from the same kind of beads that use to make baby identification bracelets in hospitals.

Baby Boy(Girl)Shower - Boy is blue and Girl is pink, so are your baby shower favors - use cinnamon hearts or candies wrapped in blue or pink ribbon (or a tiny bottle of bubbles).

Nursery Rhymes - A small pot of ivy is a suitable gift to present to departing guests.

Baby Loves Book Shower - Send guests away with a miniature bible or a Polaroid photo of the guest with the mom-to-be. Make sure to take two pictures so new mommy has a copy to keep in her photo album.

Golden Child Shower - Gold represents prosperity and family unity. So present guests foil covered chocolate coins, wrapped in blue or pink netting to share your happiness.

Little Angel Shower- As the Shower theme is angels, and there are no cuter baby shower favors than small snowshakers, candles or charms of angels wrapped with pink or blue ribbon for departing guests.

Superstar Shower - A star is born! Tiny star shaped charms tied with a pink or blue ribbon make excellent gifts for guests.

Ultrasound Shower - Do you have an image of the baby that can be shown to the guests on a videoscreen? Print out copies of the image and give each guest a picture of the unborn baby to take home with them as a unique gift.


Animal Theme Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Bunny Rabbit Party - Guests can take home chocolates tied with blue or pink net or ribbons as baby shower favors.

Duck Shower - Simply use a rubber duckie or two that guests can take home with them.

Frog Baby Shower - Give each guest a chocolate philospher frog, which is a 4-inch tall milk chocolate frog sits on a white chocolate lily pad, and comes in a clear gift bag tied with a yellow ribbon at the top. Or check the bath shop for frog shaped bath oils, plastic tub toy frogs and frog bath fizzies.

Noah'Ark Shower - Suggested baby shower favor ideas are toy animal key chains, mint tins or animal pendants.

Teddy Bear Shower - Use gummy bears tied with a pink or blue net to make baby shower favors. A more elaborate take home gift is a teddy bear inside a plastic snowshaker ornament or plantable see cards.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower - You can use terra cotta pots to place utensils rolled up in napkins and tied with yellow and green ribbon. Or even give your guests small jars of honey as unique baby shower favor ideas - what a sweet gift!


Baby Item Themes

Baby Sock Shower - Guests take home a chocolates or a charm wrapped up in a baby bootie or shoe. I love the idea of crystal bayb bootie keepsake.

Diaper Baby Shower - Celebrate baby's arrival with crisp, clear cello bags filled with a white chocolate diaper pin, milk chocolate baby booties and dark chocolate rattle.

Baby Safety Shower - It's all about home safety, so have fun with practical baby shower favor ideas, such as swiss army knives or mini-flashlights.


Mom's Favoriest Themes

Halloween Shower - Guests can take home a goodie bag, full of chocolates and charms or home-roasted spiced pumpkin seeds.

Meals For Mom Shower - A potted herb, such as rosemary, sage or thyme is a nice baby shower favor idea for your guests to take away and put on their windowsill.

Pagan Party - The perfect shower favor is a small chunk of rose quartz, tucked inside a velvet or satin bag, as rose quartz represents love.

Pamper Mommy Shower - The coolest idea is the edible flower garden. You can also use flowers with soothing scents such as lavender, hyacinth, freesia or peonies are fantasic baby shower favor ideas that help cheer the atmosphere. Or use small gift baskets filled with samples of beauty products.

Tea Party Baby Shower - Use a tiny picture frame or silver spoon slipped inside tulle or a satin pouch as your shower favor.

If you've got some homemade baby shower party favors to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form. You can WIN a cool prize - but more importantly, you'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate baby shower community for everyone to enjoy!



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