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Creative Baby Shower Decorations

Do you want to arrange the baby shower decorations like a pro? Then you come to the right place. You don't have to be a party expert - no tricky techniques and so-called "Decoration Bible".

On this page, I will tell you below how to make the perfect shower decorations by yourself. But if you are really running out of time (or you don't have so much passion to be creative), I've setup this one-stop store providing pretty much everything you need to decorate the shower like a specialist! >> Baby Shower Supplies Store

Theme Baby Shower Decorations



Baby Shower Decorations Plan



Where Is Your Venue?

First thing first, where is the place you're going to decorate?

In your home, your neighbor's garden, private club, office meeting room, or even the church hall? The ideas are endless. And keep in mind to look for a place that has the right atmosphere for your baby shower themes.

Rent a restaurant is the most popular choice for a simple decoration. And you don't have to take care of the clean-up. For example, you can rent a local Polynesian themed restaurant or club for a Hawaiian Luau shower. The restaurant will provide basic baby shower decorations for you. A bouquet of balloons and a banner is probably all you need - don't you see everything in the themed restsurant (wall-painting, pendent lamp, special dinner sets, etc) is already a part of your shower decorations?

If you're planning the shower in your home or other self-help rented place, you need allocate plenty of time to design and finish your decorations. If you decide on using a decorator, supply them with the checklist below and ask them to prepare a proposal with prices listed by items. Then pick up what you want to fit within your budget.


Adorable Baby Shower Theme Decorations

Theme Baby Shower Decorations

You can buy most of the baby shower decorations in local party supply stores, gift stores, dollar stores, craft stores and general merchandise stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target.

Balloon means party - you can't have a shower without it. But why not buy them from the local 99¢ store? The price is much lower than those big party merchants. Where are your colorful lights at the last Christmas? Still sleep in your store-room? Drag them out and string them around the shower place. Use some constructed paper to cut out motifs for your shower theme: Teddy Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Animals, Letters of the Alphabet...on and on.

The best and qukiest way for shopping? Just compare between the three online merchants below which cover pretty much all the baby shower decorations that you'll need:

Baby Shower Decorations with Themes

The baby shower is a party, a festival, a special event for the parents-to-be and their new little one. Why not plan for something unusual? Get started now with these tips below on baby shower decorations and setup your Shower place like a pro:

  • You might be surprised by how many options you have. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking about the baby boy shower decorations that you need.
  • If you know the new parents who are the guests of honor at your shower will be welcoming a little girl into the family, consider choosing a theme that would be perfect for that celebration. With the right theme, you can begin brainstorming ideas for creative girl shower decorations.
  • Dull walls and ordinary chairs just don't create the right mood. Instead, you need unique gender-neutral shower decorations to give the location a lively feel.




The Outside Location

Baby Shower Banner

Baby Shower Banners for Floral Black White Decorations When you want to celebrate the expectant mother, don’t always think in terms of the baby’s gender.

Go for a really classy looking banner for your baby shower decorations that allows for the guests to focus on the mother-to-be and her own sense of style. Another tip: get really specific with the banner for the baby shower decorations.

If the baby is expected during a holiday season, celebrate that. If the expectant couple is African-American, having a "Baby is Brewing" banner that reflects that for the baby shower decorations is perfectly politically correct. Celebrate who they are and everyone will celebrate along with them!


Baby Shower Signage - Get creative when placing signs as a part of your baby shower decorations. Start the decorating with the front of the home. Choose the look of the sign for the event. There are many different styles and sizes available. Find out if there are any restrictions on temporary signs for the area so that you don’t have issues with subdivision policy enforcers.

Signs run the gamut from plain and small to supersized and extravagant. Opt for a sign that will coordinate with the overall look of your event to keep the theme going or go for just a sign the screams “Congratulations” or that announces the baby! Either way, guests will know that they are in the right place for the baby shower!


Baby Shower Lighting - Get really cutesy with your baby shower room decoration plans by incorporating flashing or strobe lighting. Opt for pink light if it’s a girl or blue for a boy. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, then use both pink and blue lighting. Light up the walkway to the home with landscape lighting that reflects the sex of the baby or that is coordinated with your theme colors. This is one of the most inviting baby shower decoration ideas for the exterior of the venue.


Baby Shower Decoration BalloonsBaby Shower Music - Make music a part of the baby shower decorations by including speakers throughout the venue. Decorate the speakers by placing bows on them or wrapping them to look like little presents. Use sheet music as a baby shower room decoration. Simply make copies of the sheet music for lullabies onto decorated paper or on colored paper, and place within frames. The frames can be used all around the venue. Another option is to use photos of the parents-to-be along with the sheet music or lyrics to baby-related songs.


Baby Shower Balloons

Balloon, balloon, and more balloons a banner, construction papers (to cut out motif), centerpieces and flowers, you can easily create a special atmosphere - after all, simple is beautiful! You can place balloons on each table to create color spot for your shower.

Tie up a bunch of balloons and use cute baby products as the anchors, like soft toys, bibs, baby bottles, rattles, diapers, blankets, socks and more. Then decorate a "Queen's Chair" by balloons, streamers and ribbons, and have a small back pillow foots tooled - just pamper the mom-to-be as much as you can! You can make your party that much more special with all these unique baby shower balloons!




The Room

Baby Shower Entrance - Let the fun begin from the moment that guests step up to the door of the venue for the baby shower. Whatever the theme is, consider having the entrance decorated to reflect the theme. If you don’t want to go all out, then, simply consider placing only one thing such as a picture, some streamers, or other decorative piece on the door in the coordinating baby shower room decoration colors. Wrap the front door of the venue to look like a present or a diaper cake! Another option is to get the ultrasound picture blown up and place it on the front door with a cute or catchy phrase in a speech bubble like, “Thanks for coming to my party!” Guests will get a kick out of this and it will make the event fun “from the door”!


Baby Shower Themed seating cards

The thing to remember when setting up baby shower decorations is that your guests may or may not all know each other. If they are unfamiliar with each other, then you may need to do some strategic seating. Try to place people with at least one familiar person so that the tables are not just full of complete strangers. Use themed seating cards as a way to break the ice. That is one effective way to get people involved in the day’s event.

Get creative with the seating cards when you are using them as a part of the baby shower room decorations. One way to do this is by making the seating cards a part of the favors. By blending those two things together, you get more bang for your buck and people are more likely to really look at the cards and appreciate the favor as well.

Baby Shower Zebra Signature Book

Baby Shower Signature Book

Everyone has something to say to the mom-to-be. Friends and family alike will love the chance to immortalize their message for the expectant family to read and appreciate for years to come. Keep the focus on the expectant family and not on just a theme by selecting a signature book or frame that is not too cutesy or distracting, but is very chic and apropos: Zebra Baby Shower Signature Book.

Choose a signature book or mat that is inviting and just makes people want to sign it. You could even tailor it with an actual photo of the expectant family or mom-to-be:Cherry Blossom Baby Shower Signature Mat.


Baby Shower Framed photos

Add a bit of chic to your baby shower decorations with a really beautiful framed photo of the expectant family. For a very elegant look, opt for silver or crystal frames that are real attention-grabbers. In addition to the look that they bring to the room, they make fantastic favors that will be appreciated and admired long after the baby shower is over. Go for a more whimsical or cute look by adding frames that follow the theme or are color coordinated with the overall look of the baby shower room decorations. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see pictures of the expectant mom smiling along side some really funny cartoon character. That is sure to get lots of smiles.


Baby Shower Flowers

Baby Boy Flower BFor example, this onesie floral arrangement is made of three onesie roses, three bib roses and the rest are silk flowers. Live flowers are always apropos as baby shower decorations. The very essence of flowers is that they are about life and what better an event to use them to celebrate than a baby shower? When selecting live flowers, opt for flowers that are color coordinated with your overall palette for the event.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Not only are the flowers important as decorations for a baby shower, but also the vase that they are in. Don’t skimp on the vase. For an elegant baby shower, pick a vase that is opulent and that radiates to give the flowers an even more grandiose feel.
  2. Flowers can also be used as favors for a baby shower. Whether you choose to go with live flowers or silk ones, put them in individual containers. Then, bunch the containers together to create a centerpiece which will work wonderfully with your baby shower room decorations. Each container or vase will serve as a favor for your guests.


Baby Shower Umbrellas - Hang an umbrella from the ceiling with streamers falling from it and buy small paper umbrellas for garnished in drinks and on the cake. Or set up a long gift table, and cover each gift with an open baby-sized umbrella - after all it's a shower!


Baby Shower Clothesline - If you know baby's name, write each letter of the name on diapers, and hang them on a clothesline in the room. If you don't know the name, just write "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" or even "Baby Shower". You can also use wooden clothespins to hang cute baby items, like baby booties, socks and toys, from the line.


Baby Shower Streamers - Instead of using streamers in a single color for your baby shower decorations, mix things up by using multiple colors. Twist two colors together and then create chains of streamers that pop with color.

Here are more tips for you:

  • Use streamers vertically instead of just horizontally, and use them to create the look of columns.
  • Streamers can also have the look of tree limbs for a topiary. Coordinate the streamers with bunches of balloons at the top and at the bottom.
  • Add dazzle to the streamers by using glitter glue on them to give a bit of glitz to your baby shower room decorations!



The Table

Baby Shower PlaceThe photo on the left shows the baby shower table decorations submitted by Lori Fisher from Somerset, PA.

Baby Shower Napkins

Take napkins to the next level for your baby shower decorations by presenting them in really fun shapes! If you can’t find napkins that are shaped like diapers or bottles, create your own!

Napkins don't have to be presented in a basic flat way. Let the napkins make a statement. Create 3-dimensional napkins in different shapes or mix napkins with the utensils in a fun type of way. Examples include making the napkins look like formal clothing or even a bowtie!

Turn the napkins into conversation pieces by getting cute sayings printed onto them. Guests will be surprised when they pick up a napkin and there is something funny written about the expectant mother or funny predictions about what the parents-to-be will do when the baby gets here! Not only will these be exciting to see, but they will add to the overall look of the baby shower decorations.


Baby Shower Centerpieces

  • Theme Centerpiece Ideas - Close your eye and unleash your imagination...balloons, green plants,flowers, candles, soft toys and any thing!
  • Set A Festival Mood with Balloon Centerpiece - Come here for all the essential information to get ready for a special balloon centerpiece. You'll be learning how a balloon arch makes your baby shower different than others.
  • Diaper Cakes - Nothing can be more exciting than having a diaper cake as your fabulous centerpiece. These multi-tiers cakes are made by diapers surrounded with useful baby items, can do double duties for your baby shower.

Alternatively, the gift basket guaranteed to be the talk of your shower party when you use it as the centerpiece.


Baby Shower Photo Confetti - I love this idea for a baby shower. To celebrate the happy parents-to-be, don't just use regular confetti, shower them with pictures of the happiest moments of their marriage. allows you to decorate tables with confetti mixed with small pictures of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be and/or their families, interests etc. If you're having a theme baby shower, you might use pictures relating to your theme - a "Start is Born" baby shower might have black and white pictures of celebrity parents (and their babies too!) scattered on the tables, with a few of the new parents for good measure.

Baby shower corsage - One of the coolest baby shower decorations that I've ever seen was a corsage for the mom-to-be, made out of pacifiers, a thermometer, diaper pins, and a tiny bib. It was tied up and beautifully arranged with light blue, pink, and yellow curly ribbon. The mom-to-be of honor wore it throughout the party.


Theme Baby Shower Tablewares

Boy Puppy Power Baby Shower Tableware Decoration

Ask each guest bring any small stuffed animals, then arrange them in a circle around the shower table or as the centerpiece.

Or buy dual-toned color tablecloths and napkins, plus theme party plates, cups and utensils.

There's never a shortage of theme ideas, such as Puppy Power or Pirates Galore theme. But, once you decide which theme to go with for the baby shower, consider the type of baby shower decorations that you want on the tables, including the tableware. Coordinate the tableware for a more complete and polished look for your event.

For a gender neutral baby shower, opt for a fun theme like a luau tableware, and include the related tableware, but also be sure to add lots of lais around the room. When deciding on a theme, select ones that are fun and that will offer plenty of opportunities for games too!


Single use cameras - It's so much to have people take tons of fun photos of each other during a baby shower! So, why not provide disposable cameras that are decorated for the occasion? There are tons of camera “sleeves” available online to give the cameras the exact look that you want for your event. Batch the single-use cameras together to create a tower that looks like a cake! Decorate it with ribbons and embellishments. Then, the guests can simply take one off of the stack and get snapping! Add a ribbon to the single use cameras that can the guests can use to dangle the cameras from their wrist or belt loops! That way, they always have the camera with them throughout the event.


Share Your Baby Shower Decorations

Yes, it's that easy: Blow-up your balloons, setup the banner, make some crafts, open the baby shower cake, light the candles...and turn on the music. Have fun! If you have the coolest baby shower decorations, share your story & win a prize! See what other visitors shared here:

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