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Perfect baby shower decoration ideas are no more than a little bit of creativity, plus some basic party decor knowledge.


Your energy and imagination is the key to make the celebration a special success.

Already learned the basic decoration essentials? Let me tell you more unique decorating tips below to wow your guests.


~ baby shower decoration ideas ~


Just compare between the three websites below which cover pretty much all the baby shower decoration supplies you'll need.

~ baby shower decoration ideas ~

Keep Cost Low

Balloon means party - you can't have a shower without it. But why not buy them from the local 99¢ store? The price is much lower than those big party merchants.

Where are your colorful lights at the last Christmas? Still sleep in your store-room? Drag them out and string them around the shower place.

Use some constructed paper to cut out motifs for your shower theme: Teddy Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Animals, Letters of the Alphabet...on and on.

And make a hand-made banner! This Make Your Own Banner website lets you choose your own message and prints the banner from your own printer - What a lovely idea!


~ baby shower decoration ideas ~

About The Table

Table Decorations

Ask each guest bring any small stuffed animals, then arrange them in a circle around the shower table or as the centerpiece. Or buy dual-toned color tablecloths and napkins, plus theme party plates, cups and utensils


Nothing can be more exciting than having a diaper cake as your fabulous centerpiece. These multi-tiers cakes are made by diapers surrounded with useful baby items, can do double duties for your baby shower.

Alternatively, the gift basket guaranteed to be the talk of your shower party when you use it as the centerpiece.

Here is one of the best places to get wonderful gift baskets - Aaron Baby Baskets.


~ baby shower decoration ideas ~

More Special Touches


Place balloons on each table to create color spot for your shower. Tie up a bunch of balloons and use cute baby products as the anchors, like soft toys, bibs, baby bottles, rattles, diapers, blankets, socks and more. Then decorate a "Queen's Chair" by balloons, streamers and ribbons, and have a small back pillow foots tooled - just pamper the mom-to-be as much as you can!



Hang an umbrella from the ceiling with streamers falling from it and buy small paper umbrellas for garnished in drinks and on the cake. Or set up a long gift table, and cover each gift with an open baby-sized umbrella - after all it's a shower!



If you know baby's name, write each letter of the name on diapers, and hang them on a clothesline in the room. If you don't know the name, just write "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" or even "Baby Shower". You can also use wooden clothespins to hang cute baby items, like baby booties, socks and toys, from the line.



Prepare bouquets of fresh new baby flowers, serve the baby shower cake with theme gel candles, or place several bandanas to lie around to create atmosphere!

Turn on the music and ENJOY your shower!




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