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Coolest Baby Shower Cupcakes
and Adorable Cake Toppers

I have seen some hostesses serve wonderful baby shower cupcakes. They are easy and quick to produce, very portable, and provide you a pretty shower table decoration. If you've got some homemade cupcake decorations & photos to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form. You can WIN a cool prize - but more importantly, you'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate baby shower community for everyone to enjoy!


BabyShower Cupcakes submitted by:

(Glen Ridge, NJ)

Genes Baby Shower Cupcake


Genes Cupcakes for Twin: I was throwing a surprise baby shower for my friend who was expecting twins. The mother has red hair and the father has blonde hair.

I made cupcakes that looked like little baby faces and paired them up in all combinations of how their twins might turn out. It was a great shower all around and everyone got a kick out of the cupcakes.


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Baby shower cupcakes submitted by:

Astral de la Mare

Baby Bottle Cupcake

Baby Bottle Cupcakes: Cupcakes are perfect for baby showers, adorable, bite size, wonderfully customizable and oh scrumptious they are perfect baby shower treats.

I would show you how to create your very own beautiful little baby bottle cupcake toppers. They are sure to impress at your next baby shower and are much simpler to make then you may think.

To make each baby bottle cupcake topper you will need:

  • 12g white sugar paste or gum paste per bottle
  • 0.5g light brown sugar paste or gum paste per bottle
  • artists scalpel or small sharp knifeToothpicks
  • 0.5g pink sugar paste, per bottle
  • Small paintbrush


To make your baby bottle:

Take a 12g ball of white sugar paste and shape into a cylinder.

Lay the cylinder down and place your index finger in the centre, roll into an hourglass shape. Neaten up the edges, flattening the top and base and ensure the shape is even.

Baby Bottle Cupcake


Baby Bottle Cupcake

Take 2/3 of your light brown sugar paste and flatten into a plump disk.

Using the blade of a scalpel or a sharp knife, mark vertical indentations along the edges of the disk and affix to the centre of the top of your bottle with a damp finger or paintbrush.

Take the remaining light brown sugar paste and roll into a small cylinder. Roll a toothpick across the centre of the cylinder, shaping it into an hourglass shape, just as you did with your finger to the body of the bottle.

Affix with a damp paintbrush to the centre of the light brown disk to create the bottles teat.

Baby Bottle Cupcake


Your bottle is now finished!

You may now choose to customize your bottle, you can do this in a number of ways but I love adorable little bows, baby pink, baby blue and pale yellow are of course the colors of choice.

To make your bow take a small piece of baby pink sugar paste, around 0.5g and shape it into a small rectangle. Using a toothpick make an indent in the centre of both the longest edges of the rectangle. Take your scalpel or sharp knife and make two small vertical indents conecting the indents made with the toothpick to create the cinched part of your bow, be carful not to cut through the bow, press gently.

Baby Bottle Cupcake

Baby Bottle Cupcake


Finally to create the rouches push the end of your toothpick gently into the sugar paste from the centre outwards, creating two or three indentations. Affix the bow to the top of your bottle using a damp paintbrush and allow to dry.



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Baby shower cupcakes submitted by:

J. James (Kansas)

Baby Shower Booties Cupcake

Baby shower booties cake: I made this for my niece's baby shower. The booties are made from cupcakes. I was pleased with the results.



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Baby shower cupcakes submitted by:

Claudia Rodriguez
(Edcouch, TX United States)


Sleeping Baby Cupcakes: I bake these cupcakes for my nephew's wife for her baby shower.

It was so adorable frost the cupcakes and then put the small marshmallow on top of the cupcake one on top of the other crosswise one marshmallow will be the pillow, and a wafer for the head. Some starburts in the microwave for soften ant roll it for the baby blanket draw eyes and mouth on the wafer and also hair with frosing put the teddy bear graham cookie to the side of the blanket and enjoy. I don't have picture because I don't have a digital camara, but I have it on video. I hope you like it.


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