Baby shower cookie favors

Choosing the perfect favors for a baby shower event is always challenging for hosts. They want something unique but also something with mass appeal so the guests will love it.

No party host can go wrong with baby shower cookie favors. But you don’t have to stick to the classic cookies, the following ideas will help you take your edible baby shower favors to a whole new level.

Theme-Shaped Cookies

Custom Baby Shower Cookies

Because all of the elements of your shower need to be coordinated around a single theme, you might want to look for baby shower cookie favors which match that theme.

You can find Custom Baby Shower Cookies iced and cut into a variety of shapes, including blocks, airplanes, bibs, booties, bottles, rattles, and more. Each cookie is individually packaged to make a perfect favor and can be customized for the shower.

Baby Shower Cookies

If none of those designs fit your theme needs, you could choose Baby Shower Cookies that come in other shapes. These kosher cookies can be purchased in the shape of strollers, ducks, bears, rocking horses, moon and stars, and other shapes.

You could also choose Personalized Shower Cookies. These rectangular cookies come decorated with an umbrella (after all, you are throwing a shower) and a personal message written by the host. Icing colors can be chosen to match the shower’s color scheme. Available colors include blue, lavender, pink, and yellow.

Square Monogram Cookies

For hosts who already know the name of the new baby, the Square Monogram Cookies might be a good choice, too. Each of the square cookies can be personalized with the initials of the new baby or her/his parents.

You can customize the cookies by choosing the sprinkles and the decorative ribbon so they match the color scheme of the shower.

Future Predicting Cookies

Customized Fortune Cookies

While your guests may enjoy the flavor and appearance of ordinary edible baby shower favors, you can give them something unexpectedly special. You can choose Customized Fortune Cookies. The cookies can have standard or personalized messages inside them.

The outside of the cookies can come in more than a dozen different colors, including several shades of pink, blue, and green. You can give each guest a single fortune cookie because they are individually wrapped. Another option is to use a decorative Chinese Take Out Box and place several of the cookies inside for guests.

Another option for the fortune cookies is to choose the Sprinkle Covered Fortune Cookies. You can even choose the style and color of the sprinkles used on the cookies, as well as the personalized message on the outside of the cookie. As with the others, you can offer them to guests individually or in a small gift box. Another idea is to place a platter of the cookies at the center of each table so guests can help themselves at the end of the event.

Cookie Related Favors

Of course guests love edible baby shower favors, but they might also like other types of baby shower cookie favors, too. You could choose to give each guest a Personalized Bag of Cookie Mix.

The sugar cookie mix containers can be personalized, plus you can choose your own label colors and label designs. More than a dozen design options are available. If you choose this favor, you could make some of the cookies to serve as refreshments so that when guests praise their flavor they will be even happier about their gift.

Butterfly Cookie Cutters

If you want to add something extra to the favor of cookie mix or if you are having a butterfly-themed shower, you could use Butterfly Cookie Cutters as your baby shower cookie favors.

You could tie a small ribbon and personalized gift tag to each of the cutters. Also, you could order some of the cookie cutters to create the butterfly shaped cookies for the shower in your own kitchen.

Baby shower cookie favors are easy to personalize and to match with a wide range of shower themes. You can’t go wrong with these edible favors that are sure to please even the pickiest of your guests.



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