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Coolest Baby Shower Cakes
Sure to "WOW" Everyone!
Plus Cool Cake Recipes and Ideas

Bunny Baby Shower CakeHow much do you know about baby shower cakes? A moist yummy confection to eat?

Yes, it is. But since we're talking about the coolest baby shower ideas, why don't you think out of the box?

Before you decide to go for the local bakery or bake it on your own, think about the most creative way the baby cake you can use with. You can use it as a wonderful centerpiece to make a special party setting that every guest can share and enjoy. Or turn the cake baking into a funny game if you want to make a special and memorable moment that the mom-to-be can cherish for a long time.

Ok, this detailed guideline will show you how to get the most of the creativity in you for best cakes.

You will be surprise that how easy it is to make and decorate cake on your own. Not only because I will give you all the information about where to find cake decorating tips (including some fun activities!), but also I've searched and compared cake decoration kits for you to get the lowest prices, always.


Creative Baby Shower Cake Designs

Since Shower hostess is usually short of time to get everything ready, I've done most of the research job for you. You will find out how these special cakes create a fabulous sweet crafting treat with delicious messages delivered from baby. If you have any creative cake idea, Submit Your Cake Design with Photos Here!

Baby Shower Cake Designs

Here are some of the cake designs:

  • Special delivery cake
  • Booties and roses cake
  • A star is born cake
  • Baby block jungle cake
  • Garden theme cake
  • Baby crib cake
  • Duck and bubbles cake
  • Baby Jack-o-Lantern cake
  • Pregnancy belly cake.

Read more about our collection of baby cake design ideas that make sweet crafting treat for your Shower. Very creative!  Each cake decorating idea already set the tone for your party. The rest of your planning simply is preparing your decorations, invitations and activities around the cakes. You'll love them. Also look at these pictures of baby cakes that can change your old thinking of what the baby shower cake should be!




Shower Cake Toppers

If you want to save money and to be as creative as you can, then read the article of how to use theme cake toppers. You'll find that baking the cakes with your imagination is full of fun.



Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower CupcakesInstead of the traditional baby cakes, try to bake a batch of cupcakes that guests can frost and decorate.

I have seen some shower hostesses serve wonderful baby cupcakes. They are easy and quick to produce, very portable, and provide you a pretty shower table decoration.

Here are some baby cupcakes you can learn from:

* Genes cupcake

* Baby bottle cupcakes

* Baby shower booties cupcake

* Sleeping baby cupcake.

Read more about these cute baby shower cupcakes that make perfect and adorable treats!



Alternative Cake Ideas

Coolest Baby Shower Cakes


You can even try the idea of an Autograph Cake - it's a sheet cake only have a standard "Congratulations!" cake inscriptions on it and the rest are left plain. Every guest will be asked to sign his/her name on the cake when they arrive.

And dont' forget the no-edible cake - what if you're looking for something that can do triple duties for your baby shower? Personalized diaper gift baskets decorated with all kinds of baby items is your best choice!

No matter what you're looking for, put your heart and energy into the cake planning, the ideas are endless!


Submit Your Fun-and-mouthwatering Cake Here

Sending MORE than four cake photos: The form below enables you to upload up to four photos. If your cake deserves more than four photos, please send the photos to Remember to include your name and any other info that'll help us to find your submission.

If the form does not function please send your cake recipes & how-to tips along with the photos attached to email:

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Submitted by Visitors

Click below to see Cake Photos and Write-up by creative people like yourself.

Coolest Airplane Baby Basket Cake 
This was made for boy baby shower. The theme of the baby shower was airplanes so I came with the idea of a baby in carrier with an airplane blanket. …

Coolest Two Peas In A Pod Cake 
The Two Peas in A pod Cake was made for my twins nephews.. I made the cake in two loaf pans.. I put them together The Peas and Stems were made out of …

Coolest Zebra Stuffed Animal Cake 
I made this zebra stuffed animal cake for my cousin's baby shower.. She's loves the Jungle themed animals.. I made the cake out a round 10 in cake pan …

Coolest Climbing Baby Cake 
The babies were too cute when they were trying to climb to the couch. So by thinking of this idea, I'd like to apply it to my cake. The baby is trying …

Candyland Castle Cake 
This is the cake I had for my Candyland themed baby shower. I also had a tier of cupcakes for the children that attended. It was black and white cake. …

Pregnant Belly Bump 
I started with an 11 x 15 pan for the cake base shaped, layered, and filled with buttercream. I used my Betty Crocker Bake' n Fill for the tummy and bust …

Baby Loney Toons Cake 
Here is the cake I made for my daughters shower, her theme was Baby looney toons, but with so many other items I wanted to make the cake a little different. …

Picture of Baby Shower Cake 
This is a picture of baby shower cake from our tear party Shower. Since we decided on a tea party theme for my daughter's baby shower I knew I wanted …

Coolest Cake 
I think this is the coolest cake i ever seen i know i would love to have it for my baby shower.Anyways i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.Enjoy!

Baby Shower Cupcake | Katie's Coed Baby Shower Updated 
Hello Everyone...Just wanted to give some updated pictures of the baby shower party and the guests.... It truly was perfect! The guest dressed pregnant, …

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake Not rated yet
This 3 tier cake was made to match the party decor. All tiers were covered with my homemade marshmallow fondant. The bottom tier was done with a flower …

Cloud Nine Baby Shower Cake Not rated yet
Here is a cake made for a shower that had the theme cloud nine... It was really cute, with all the cloud decorations.

Bassinet Cake Not rated yet
Use a sheet cake for the part of the bassinet the baby sleeps in. To make the hood, make two round cakes, quarter the cakes, then stack up as tall as the …

Baby Feet Cupcake Not rated yet
I wanted to create something special for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I decided to use cupcakes. They were easy to distribute and gave each guest …

MM Baby Shower Cake Not rated yet
The colors for the shower were green and pink. I wanted to tier the cake, and then opted to decorate it with baby booties around each layer. I finished …

Jungle Cake Not rated yet
After doing several of my "Baby" cakes I had a co-worker ask if I could do a Jungle Safari cake for her sister's baby shower. She said the baby's room …

Rayleen Baby cake Not rated yet
I don't have friends that would throw me a baby shower. On my first daughter I never had a baby shower I wanted to experience how it was so I threw one …

Tree of Life Cake Not rated yet
For our nature inspired baby shower, we used a local bakery who bakes with organic and natural ingredients for our " tree of life " cake. Here is my …

Click here to write your own.



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