How To Make Your Own Baby Shower Cake And Personalize It? Plus Cool Cake Recipes and Ideas

Personalized baby shower cake at the bakery is getting more and more expensive. If you want to save money and to be as creative as you can, then bake the cakes with your imagination.

But first things first, let's talk about the cake recipes.

Cake recipes can be found everywhere. Read cookbooks in the recipe section in your local library and book store or search spark recipe ideas on the internet.

You can use plastic ornaments and toys as your cake decorations, such as umbrellas, storks, bassinets, baby bottles, sports figure dells and newborn baby dolls. Or even bake your cake in round, square, or rectangle shapes, and construct them to make a theme-related shape, such as a train or an animal shape!

cute baby shower cakeYou can choose to have traditional chocolate, marble, yellow and carrot cake. Or consider orange-chocolate, black forest, almond or mocha cake served with delicious vanilla filling or peanut butter frosting.

The photo on the right is a baby bib baby cake I found in my cake recipes software.

I have tried many recipe software programs and this Cook'n with Cake Mixes provides over 150 cake recipes that easy to make. You can search the recipes in seconds by just typing in what you have on hand!

You can also get $5.25 in coupons for Betty Crocker & General Mills products when you order this software.

Decorate Baby Shower Cake Like A Pro - It's Easy and Fun!

Start your work with a round cake from the supermarket, or bake a simple sheet cake by yourself.

Tips: When the cooling is finished, decorate your cake with variety of frostings and fillings that are delicious and healthy for the mom-to-be, such as: * more icing
* different flavors of fruit preserves
* pudding
* custard
* whipped cream
* jams
* peanut butter
* pure chocolate

Do you need more fun? Ok, fit your cake decoration with the overall theme of your baby shower.

Use tiny Teddy Bear to decorate your cake and use Teddy Bear shaped candles at a Teddy Bear shower.

Or serve a Pineapple Upside-Down cake for a Hawaiian Luau baby shower.

Just add a small tube of colored cake decorators' gel to your grocery list and you can add personalized cake sayings on top of the cake.

Be creative!

Aha...Play Funny Games with Cake

Hide a small plastic baby somewhere in the cake's frosting - be sure to let guests know someone has it in their piece of cake so they don't eat it! The guest who finds the little baby gets a prize.

Or try this As You Cut The Cake idea.

As you cut cake, put a little toothpick or flag in each piece with a number on it. Guests are told they have to do whatever corresponds to their numbers before they can eat their pieces, such as sing a song, recite a poem, ask a riddle, perform a dance and perform a pantomime.

Whenever I need baby cake ideas, this is the first place I will check out - all kinds of cake decorations, cake pans, cupcake decorations, candy confetti, sugar decorations and much more.

Haven't Found The Baby Shower Cake Recipes You Want The Most? Read On...

Theme cake ideas already set the tone for your baby shower. The rest of your planning simply is preparing your decorations, invitations and activities around the baby shower cakes.

Special Baby Cake Design that creates a fabulous sweet crafting treat with delicious messages delivered from baby.

Cutest Cake Pictures that change your old thinking of what the baby shower cake should be.

These pictures of baby cakes and diaper cakes are so cute. What cake did you have on your baby shower? Share it too!



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