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Creative Baby Shower Cake Design
and Decoration

Baby Shower Cake Designs

The best baby shower cake design always come with specific themes. Winnie the pooh, noah's ark, teddy bear, farm animals, moon and stars, baby shoes and booties, ducks and diapers, the ideas are endless.

Here are lots of super special cake decorating ideas submitted by visitors like yourself. If you've got some homemade baby cake decorations & photos to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form.





Special Delivery Baby Shower Cake Design

Charon Frey
(Huntsville, Texas, Walker)

Special Delivery Cake


Special Delivery Cake


Special Delivery Cake


Special Delivery Cake: I make a cake that was the hit of the shower. It was a sheet cake with a baby (that cried like new born)on top with a cake blanket over the baby. Two people delivered the baby by one person holding up the blanket while the other person pulled out the baby boy which was immediately wrapped in a blanket and pass around for all to see and hold.


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Booties and Roses Baby Shower Cake Design

J. James

Booties and Roses Cake

Booties and Roses cake: I made this for my niece's baby shower. The booties are made from cupcakes. I was pleased with the results.



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Star is Born Baby Shower Cake Design

(Sarasota, FL)

A Star is Born Cake

A Star is Born Cake: My cake featured a large pale yellow moon with stars and the words "A Star is Born." The cake also had some sparkle to it from crystallized sugar sprinkles. Word of advice: you don't always have to pick a cake from a book at grocery stores.

For my shower, my friend approached the local grocery store bakery and simply asked nicely if they could make up a cake to match a drawing she had of what she wanted. Not only did they agree to do it but the cake looked great!



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Jungle Baby Shower Cake Design


Baby Block Jungle Cake

Baby Block Jungle Cake: These cake decorating were done in a jungle theme because that is what the new mom had chosen as a theme for babies room.

I started with a 12 x 12 square cake. I cut squares away from the cake and arranged them in a pattern 'till I was happy with it.

The four layer cake decorations have a strawberry cream cheese filling and is covered in butter cream. The animals on the blocks were traced onto parchment paper with royal icing and allowed to dry (about 1 week). The bigger animals on top were formed from gum paste and again allowed to dry (about 2 weeks).



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Garden Theme Baby Shower Cake Design

Jennifer Schuhmann
(Campbellsville, Ky. 42718)

Garden Theme Cake

Garden Theme Cake: Above is an example of my idea to have a special cake for the mommy to be. And here is why I made creative cake decorating: In this day and age of calorie counting and carb diets when there is a time to endulge it should count. The party food of choice should be well worth the splurge.

That is where a quality cake comes in. It should be homemade both the cake and frosting by a trusted baker who can make a really special and memorable cake. That is where my idea comes in to the cake picture, to really make the shower look polished and beautiful.

People always remember the cake so give them something to talk about!


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Baby Crib Baby Shower Cake Design

Rachel Morales
(Amarillo, Texas)

Baby Crib Cake

Baby Crib Cake: This was for my best friends youngest daughter. I wanted to do something special so we decided to take the crib set and use it to create a baby lying on a replica of the blanket.

The baby is made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant. I think I came out really cute. Actually since then have had several requests for this at other baby showers.



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Duck and Bubbles Baby Shower Cake Design

Nikki King
(South Point, OH)

Duck and Bubbles Cake

Duck and Bubbles Cake: I created an amazing duck cake for a friend of mine.

She was having a double baby shower for both her daughters and wanted only one cake for both of them. I created a 2 layer chocolate cake covering it with blue icing, make sure it looked rippled to take a water effect and then lined the bottom with "bubbles" of white icing. Using half of a 3D duck cake pan, I created half a duck with a yellow cake mix and laid it flat on the top of the cake. I then used a star tip to ice the duck yellow. For the eye I used a small blue flat candy.

After writing out the message, I then used the same white icing for more "bubbles" around the duck and the top of the cake! I can't believe how cute it turned out and my friend was very pleased by how well it turned out.



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Jack-o-Lantern Baby Shower Cake Design

Jacquie Donaghy
(Lansdale, PA )

Baby Jack-o-Lantern Cake


Baby Jack-o-Lantern Cake


Baby Jack-o-Lantern Cake


Baby Jack-o-Lantern Cake: This cake was made by Joyce Ricker of Lansdale, PA for my daughter's Autumn monkey green shower on October 29, 2011.

Joyce told me she used a bunt cake pan to make the pumpkin shape. She used a pumpkin spice coffee in the homemade cake mix. The icing is homemade as well. She put the cake on a festive hard Autumn plate and decorated it in in pumpkin colors.

The pumpkin face was just like the ones on the invitations I made for the shower, right down to the pacifier in his little mouth. On the side of the cake she made a spider in his web. The pumpkin has a little friendly icing caterpillar. No one wanted to eat it, it was so cute! What a perfect cake for a perfect baby shower! Thanks, Joyce!




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Girl Baby Shower Cake Design

Gail Hume

Girl Baby Shower Cake

Baby Girl Cake: Having a surprise Shower, and wanted to make a cake that was a little different, so I made a BABY! She was so excited and never expected to be showing up for a shower the day she arrived.


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Pregnancy Belly Baby Shower Cake Design

(New Jersey)

Pregnancy Belly Cake

Prenancy Belly Cake: Double layered marble cake with chocolate mousse filling. Used two small spheres and one large sphere to make this "pregnant mom" cake. Fondant was only used for the bow seeing as neice does not like the taste of it. Rest was done with buttercream icing. Shower theme was zebras with baby blue accents so cake was made to match the rest of the shower items.


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Bump and Boobs Baby Shower Cake Design

(Palm Harbor, Florida)

Baby Bump and Boobs Cake

Baby Bump and Boobs Cake: This cake was fun for me to make it was for my little sisters' baby shower, she wished for big boobs with her pregnancy so I was just trying to . I made it with the pregnant tummy,big boobs and pink for soon arriving niece Lily. Since then I have had the pleasure of making two more like this for other friends of the family.


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Noah Ark Baby Shower Cake Design

(Lombard, IL USA)

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake


Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake

Noah's Ark Cake: This is a cake I made for my sister in law's baby shower. It was a Noah's Ark theme.

I Made the whale out of rice krispies treats. The Ark itself was pound cake. The animals were candy chocolate melts - I got the candy mold from hobby lobby - it was fun to color and paint on the faces etc. The main cake was a marble cake. As you can see I used LOADS of frosting to create waves. Then I just added a paper rainbow and Noah to complete the look.


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Bassinet Cake

(Pensacola, Fla.)

Bassinet Cake: Use a sheet cake for the part of the bassinet the baby sleeps in. To make the hood, make two round cakes, quarter the cakes, then stack up as tall as the sheet cake is wide. place them at one end of the sheet cake, with one flat side against the cake and the other flat side facing the center of the sheet cake. Decorate, then attach some tulle to the front of the hood and the far end of the sheet cake. Very cute!


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