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Write Baby Poems Like A Pro and
Turn The Writing Into Fun Activities

Baby Poems

Well, where can you find the baby poems suit your needs best? Internet is a good starting point. And any materials such as children's books, lyrics, and magazines are all great places to look.If you believe your writing skills and you're not running everything in a hurry, then write a baby shower greeting on your own!

Maybe you will ask me:

  • Do I need special techniques even a little talent to write great baby poems?
  • Does it take weeks even months to learn the writing skills?

I've never been and I'll never be a person who can write poetry like a pro - same as most of you. ;-)

But you're writing a poem for the baby, don't overcomplicate it!

Even baby shower poem is "an elevated composition in verse"(The Concise Oxford Dictionary), no worries - just write about what comes to your mind and unleash your creativities to organize your thoughts and feelings about the arrival little one.

Don't try to be a poet and stay away with those fancy language and obscure words.

Simply put any baby items and baby related topics together. Then use the words that can express your expectations and wishes for the little one and the parents-to-be.


A Step-by-step Poem Writing Guide

The answers to the questions below will become a beautiful poem by themselves:

  • What is Mom's name?
  • What is Dad's name?
  • What does a baby like to eat or drink?
  • What does a baby like to have for the new life?
  • What do you hope the baby to learn from your life experiences?
  • What's your baby shower theme?
  • Any special gift is highly expected?
  • It's a twin or triplet?
  • It's a boy or girl?

List your answers on a paper and discover the things that affect you, use them to write short sentences with a sense of humor.

Another save-time idea is to learn good baby poems from online writing site and re-write them.

Once you find the poem that you like on the internet, re-write it, keeping the basic meaning of the words the same, but using your own voice. And replace some of its sentences by your own words (like a special wishing or a unique baby gift) if you want.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Once you've gotten the poem on paper, speak it aloud and find out the best rhyme you like.

Ask for suggestions from the couple's family members and the people who have had children. They can help you to discover some great ideas to create a more family-like and baby-like mood in your poem.


How To Use Baby Poems

Creative poems are great additions to any new baby gifts.

You can type poems in your invitations and thank you cards in a variety of different styles, layouts, fonts and lengths.

These cute and sentimental baby shower sayings are also an unforgettable touch to write on your baby shower gifts, attach to favors, or print off scrolls for the guests. Printed Candle

Asking your guests to light a candle is also a wonderful touch. You can send them home with a candle printed with cute baby poems or thank you message, like "here's a little candle for your to light, when our new bundle of joy arrives!".

Or even stand them gingerly atop a buffet table or include them in guest gift totes...and let them light up your life or a new baby's room in pink or blue.



Baby Poems For Entertaining

You spend lots of time to write baby poems, why not use it for some extra entertainment? Here are a few ideas.


Name Poem with Advice

Straighten Baby's Poem

If you know baby's name, then get all the guests together to create a memorable name poem full of advice. Use each letter of Baby's name to give a different piece of advice, for example, if baby's name is Naydine, the first bit of advice might be "Never pull on daddy's mustache". Have the guest with the best handwriting write out the poem for Mom's baby scrapbook.

Here are the best printable baby shower games that I found for you:



Baby Shower Poems On Hats

Cut out the words below, mix them up and pop them into a hat. Each team takes four or five words. They then have to write a short poem including the words from the hat. Vote for the best one!

There are forty words below to choose from. And they can be used in any order. Guests should announce the words they have had to use before reading out their poem.






Be creative, your unique baby poems will be the most unforgettable gift for the mom-to-be.



Poem Writing Service

If you think you're not that type of good-writing or running out of time, here is a great service by poet Allen Jesson. You don't have to have a way with word or even know how to spell.

Want to know how these poems are presented on wonderful handmade paper and wrapped in ribbon and an elegant box you choosing?

All you have to do is to fill out a simple-and-easy questionnaire, including the kind of poem you want and the details about the person you're going to write for. Then the"A Gift of Poetry " works for you by sending drafts to you. You can even chose the packaging you want.



More Poem Related Articles


Here is a complete page about how to say "thank you" and also check out some creative invitation wording.



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