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Little Princess Baby Girl Shower

We have all the coolest little princess baby girl shower ideas for you. Baby girls are little angels and little princesses. Why not celebrate the most enchanting baby shower for the Queen (the mom-to-be)?

First off, here are some of the coolest little princess baby shower kits to make the little princess-to-be's royal dream come true:


You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:



Princess Baby Shower Invitations

In the invitation, encourage guests to bring gifts (especially linen and clothing) in pink color.

I love the deisgn of Teddy Doodles princess invitation, or you can try my recommendations:


DIY Tips

A cool baby shower idea is to purchase scrapbook scroll paper from local craft store and print each guest's name on them, and roll them up with a fancy pink ribbon. To create a more royal feeling, you can seal the invitation with pink wax and hand-deliver them.

And write something like:

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, By order of the King and Queen: (Guest name) is cordially invited to the (Mom's last name) Castle to celebrate the arrival of Princess (baby girl's name)!!! The royal celebration will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon on (Shower date).

The king asked that you come dressed in your most royal attire. Upon your carriage's arrival, the royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies for the celebration. There shall also be festivities including a royal pacifier race and fun for all. Have your carriage arrive for you at 4:30 in the afternoon when the celebration commences. Please RSVP with the Queen at (phone number) if you need the castle plan for your arrival."

Another baby girl shower invitation idea is to put the scrolls in empty toilet paper rolls with a sealed bottom, and add a construction paper cone to the top as if it were a castle. Then decorate and fill with sparkle glitter and confetti.

Also check out these cute and printed little princess baby shower cards:

Balloon Bunch: Princess Silly Belly: Princess Cheeky Monkey: Princess

Balloon Bunch: Princess

$0.65 each

Silly Belly: Princess

$0.95 each

Cheeky Monkey: Princess

$0.65 each

  Clothes Collage: Princess  

Clothes Collage: Princess

$0.65 each




Little Princess Baby Shower Decorations


Princess and baby girl shower just go hand-in-hand when it comes to hosting a baby shower event.

General Princess Baby Shower Decorations

Baby girls always steal people's hearts and each one is someone's sweet and precious princess. One of the cutest decoration ideas includes little tiara frames that can be used either as place settings, to identify food or activity stations, or to include photos of the ultrasound or the new parents-to-be. For a more upscale look, select a tiara frame that has lots of dazzle with rhinestones and in metallic, shimmery colors. For a more casual event, opt for pink, yellow, or purple. They also make fabulous party favors!

Use crystal or metallic plates, glasses, and utensils. Nothing says royalty like glitz and glam. Bring all of that to the baby shower with really beautiful server ware, and everyone there will feel like they've stepped into a fairy tale.

Make a royal announcement at the baby shower with horns and scrolls plastered everywhere. Each scroll could include a bit of information or trivia about the parents-to-be for fun, but would serve as really cool decorations as well. These can be made of paper or they can be real horns, with dangling tassels, and felt or cloth scrolls.


Pretty Princess - 20 Personalized Baby Shower Die-Cut Card Stock Tags 12 Pack Helium Quality 11 Latex Balloons

Pretty Princess Die-Cut Card Stock Tags


Helium Quality 11 Latex Balloons (6 Baby Pink & 6 White)



Little Princess Table Decorations

For the table, white tablecloth with pink plastic-ware works great. You can also sprinkle silver heart confetti across the table for an extra touch. If you can't find any plates, cups and napkins with princesses on it, use a solid pink. Here are the coolest minky dots baby girl basket that double function as wonderful centerpieces.

A quick guide if you want more information about princess baby shower theme.

Decorate the buffet table with dainty tiaras. There is something so wonderfully "princess-like" about tiaras. Put paper versions of tiaras around the cups or, if you opt for drinking glasses, provide guests with tiara charms that dangle, in different colors, so that they can easily identify their drinking glass throughout the event. You can either make these yourself or purchase them. Either way, your guests will think that they are just darling and will appreciate having them on their glasses.

Another idea for baby girl shower is to have treasure chest filled with costume jewelry, fake coins or chocolate coins in silver or gold foil. You can even add a princess tiara or kings crown to the centerpiece.

If your princess baby girl shower is at night, you can decorate the shower place with white Christmas lights to add magical touch. Or even line the pathway to your house with brown lunch bags half filled with sand with a pink candle inside (scented with cherry or strawberry).

Upon arrival, you can throw some sparkle glitter on the guests to get them in the mood.

Don't forget to check out these cute New Little Princess baby shower items:


New Little Princess Kit-N-Kaboodle Baby Princess Personalized Banner A New Little Princess Baby Shower Deluxe Party Kit

New Little Princess Kit-N-Kaboodle

$14.99 kit

Baby Princess Personalized Banner


A New Little Princess Baby Shower Deluxe Party Kit


  New Little Princess Tablecover  

New Little Princess Tablecover

$3.45 each




Baby Girl Shower Foods

Little Princess Baby Shower Foods:

  • Salmon mousse and crab dip
  • Strawberry trifle
  • pink Jell-O
  • Strawberry mousse and cream puffs colored with cherry juice
  • Cookies frosted with pink icing
  • Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches (you can cut these with star, heart, diamond etc. shaped cookie cutters)
  • Jewel Salad (a salad with dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries etc.)
  • Cinderella coaches for the dip out of small pumpkins and cucumbers for the wheels.

Little Princess Baby Shower Punch:

  • Pink lemonade and raspberry lemonade or cocktails made with cherry or strawberry liqueur
  • Raspberry sherbet and Sprite
  • Strawberry tea (If you wan to add more of that strawberry taste to your strawberry tea, do the following: make half a pot of strawberry tea with three bags, let it steep a bit and then add a few drops of strawberry extract and three or four drops of red coloring. Then add milk and sugar to taste)
  • Belle's Beauty Punch (fruit juice) that we put in pink wine type glasses from the dollar store.



Baby Girl Shower Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:


Plastic Princess

This is a great ice-break idea to get everyone mingle together. This game is all about "Who has the most _____ in her purse?" For example, "who has the most credit cards in her purse?" And crown the winner the Plastic Princess!

This game can be done in a variety of ways. Just fill the blank with items like receipts, coins, handheld electronics (pager, cell phone, palm pilot, car auto-entry), or just about anything. Be creative!

Mommy Says

Why not make mom-to-be the Queen as the baby is a little princess? Let the mommy practicing now, because you know there will be a lot of "because mommy says so" in the baby girl's future!

You'll see lots of ooh-and-aahs when mom-to-be give instructions to the guests like 'answer the phone', 'change the diaper', 'feed the baby', or 'eat your vegetables'. Guests should act out each instruction, but only if Mommy, the Queen, says.

Want to add some confusion and fun? Let the King join too!

Have the dad-to-be give instructions at the same time, only using Daddy Says. Mom and Dad can take turns, but if they get going fast or Mom says one thing and Dad says the opposite, then you have confusion...and fun!


Foreign Language Baby

Little princess will need to know international languages! How about the you? Here is the baby girl shower idea to find out who can say 'baby' in 10 languages with their own way.

Create a list of translations for the word baby. Next to this column, have another column with the name of the language, but not in order. Have guests compete to match the word with the language. Here is the answer sheet for your translation:



Little Castles

If you also invite kids to the baby girl shower, they'll love this princess party idea that they can make their own little castles!

Clean baby food jars well and remove the label. You can give the kids colored papers to glue and decorate the outside of the jar. They can paint the lid with silver acrylic paint and glitter and glue on the top a silver Hershey's Kisses with their 'flags' waving (looks like a little castle).

Have them add more Hershey's kisses in the jar and take it home as their princess baby shower favors.

Also check out these cute baby girl shower games that can print for FUN:

Baby Trivia Guess Baby's Birthday

Baby Trivia


Guess Baby's Birthday


Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase Baby Crosswords

Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase


Baby Crosswords




Little Princess Baby Shower Favors

Favors can range from candy rings and necklaces, to king's crowns, princess tiaras, princess wands, or even gourmet tea bags if you're hosting a formal tea party in celebration of the little princess. I also love these photo rice crispy treats.

A memorable baby girl shower idea is to send guests off with cinnamon hearts or pink candies wrapped in pink ribbon or netting or a tiny bottle of bubbles.

Another princess party idea for shower favor is to make candy kabobs, which include colorful squishy candies, marshmallow strawberries, big Swedish fish, gummy worms, jujubes, etc. Remember to put the candies in the freezer for a while before you put them on the skewers. Then wrap each candy kabob in clear cellophane and tied with pink and purple ribbons. You can also use some princess tape where needed. This is a HIT!

Don't forget to check out these cute baby girl shower favors:

Pretty Princess - Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Baby Shower Favors Pink/Brown Modern Purse Manicure Set Baby Shower Favors

Pretty Princess Personalized Candy Bar Favors


Pink/Brown Modern Purse Manicure Set Favors


Notepads - Pink and Brown - Baby Shower Favors Princess Stripes: Begonia

Notepads - Pink and Brown Favors


Princess Stripes: Begonia

$2.50 each



Share Your Baby Girl Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Heathe's Fun Girl CakeTake a peek at other people's Little Princess Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding cute baby shower ideas:

* Amy's Baby Shower for Girl

* Jessica's Summer Girl Shower

* Pam's It's a Girl Shower

* Pink Girl Invite

* Elaine's Girl Raining Diaper Cake

* Deja's Baby Girl Bear


If you've just thrown a baby girl shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Shower ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.

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