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Homemade Baby Diaper Cake Design for Boy

Boy Baby Diaper Cake

Make baby diaper cake for boy could be a little challenge. It's easy to buy all the things a little boy needs and roll up them together, but it's hard to turn your diaper gift centerpiece into an artwork unless you learn the essential skills and pay enough attention to the details.

On this page, I'll share a few cake examples that designed for boy baby shower. And you can also enjoy the cake making with all your endeavors and make beautiful and adorable creations with a baby diaper cake video training program that can help you make your first cake in 30 minutes.



Tricycle Diaper Cake for Baby Boy

by Gail Hume
(Raytown Missouri)

Diaper Cake

Gail Hume made this awesome baby diaper cake and she was very proud of her artwork: "Here is the Tricycle thats fit for any little boy....Beautiful and unique, inedible 'cakes' made of diapers and 'frosted' with all of the things a new baby boy needs. (hooded towels, receiving blankets, bibs, bottles, toys, toiletries, etc.) Sure to be the hit at a shower or even the hospital and makes a great centerpiece too!"

She also said, "Don't you love to bring a baby gift everyone 'oohs' and 'aahs' over? These are gifts that people will be talking about long after the baby shower is over... And what is more needed by a new parent than diapers?"



Choo Choo Train Cake

by Gail Hume
(Raytown Mo)

Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake

I love Gail's choo choo train baby diaper cake, as she described her art of making:

"Don't miss this train! All aboard departing to Diaperville! You'll be chuggin' right along before you know it! Chugga chugga, chugga chugga! WOOH WOOOOOOOH! All aboard! It's the Diaper Express! This train cake calls for diapers, burp cloths, receiving blankets, onsies, bottle, bib and other crafting items. When finished, it will be the hit of any baby shower. You can use it as a centerpiece at the baby shower, then mom can take it home and use it to decorate the nursery!"

Autumn Money Baby Diaper Cake

by Jacquie Donaghy (Lansdale, PA. USA)

Monkey Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Jacquie's daughter is decorating her baby, Grayson's, room in a monkey theme so she decided to follow suite with his baby shower. This was the first ever diaper cake that she ever made and they are so pleased with how it turned out!

Here is what Jacquie told me about how she made this baby diaper cake...

"I used three unopened cans of baby formula that a friend gave me as the inner base and used a recycled blue plastic serving tray for the bottom. I rolled medium and tiny diapers into logs and secured them with brightly colored rubber bands. I surrounded the bottom formula cans with the larger diapers and went all the way around. Then I wrapped an Autumn type ribbon around the entire area and did the same with the second layer.

The top layer small diapers were used and more ribbon. I found a tiny stuffed monkey at a rummage sale and a tiny newborn hat to put on the monkey's head. He went on the top of the cake and sat in a wadded up bunch of taffeta. I used a doll bottle for the monkey to have with him and put a label that said "Grayson" on the bottle.

I bought small items to decorate the sides of the cake. Rattles, pacifiers with funny sayings, a thermometer, and a teether were slipped into the ribbon around the cake at different places. My final touch for the cake was to take silk autumn leaves and small silk sunflowers and tuck them into empty spaces on the cake.
It looked adorable and my daughter was thrilled! "


Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake

by Jamie Budda (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

This baby diaper cake was designed using 168 Size 1 Disposable Diapers. It features 4 Tiers of fun. It includes 3 Johnson & Johnson Travel Packs, 1 8oz Mickey Mouse Bottle, 6 Washcloth/Spoon Lollipops, 1 pair baby booties, 1 keepsake picture frame and one 30" x 30" Mickey Mouse Fleece Blanket. Cake is trimmed in blue and green polka dot ribbon and topped off with blue straw paper for that icing effect. To finish the cake was wrapped in tulle and a poem was added.

Yes, I can't agree more and I think you too can make an awesome baby diaper cake gift after you try this baby shower diaper cake video training program.

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