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Baby Diaper Cake Instructions and Trainning Video

Baby Diaper Cake SampleHave you heard about baby diaper cake instructions with video? If you've ever seen a well-made cake, then you know just how spectacular the finished product is. And how deceptively simple they look, too!

Well, if you want to make the cake on your own, your investment on this How to Make A Diaper Cake video training program will be a good one.

Here are just a few of the essential steps that they'll talk you through:

  • The base – not only how to make it, but a very clear, concise understanding that the base is the key to the entire cake!
  • The standard cake – even if you choose to move on to bigger and better versions, a firm grasp of the basics is essential.
  • Rolled cakes – the clever, fanciful version that features a remarkable amount of detail and requires a bit more skill than the average person was born with.
  • Blanketed cakes – when baby blankets become a clever bit of "icing" the result is simply breath-taking!
  • Extra tall cakes – reach jaw-dropping heights with 4-tier cakes.
  • The finishing touches – learn how to attach the teddy bears, baby toys, and all of those other cake accessories to make it a truly personal and amazing gift.

Click here to start watching the cake trainning video.

CBSI Review

Like so many people, we wondered how difficult it could possibly be to arrange a stack of diapers and tie a ribbon around them. Baby diaper cake instructions were far from my mind.

Our first attempt even looked great … for a little while. Of course it didn't fall apart until it was too late to pick up another gift, but I learned an important lesson: it's not as easy to make your own cake as it looks!

Once I realized that cake directions were in order, I discovered the How to Make a Diaper Cake training video.

Not only did it display one beautiful custom baby shower cake after another, but it was packed with testimonials of people saying how easy it was to make diaper cakes for babies. Moreover, it was full of testimonials from people who actually had made them – successfully, that is!

One thing that struck me is the fact that the baby diaper cake instructions are not written down.

Nope, there's no danger of fumbling with a stack of diapers while trying to figure a complicated assembly diagram. Instead, they're offered in full video mode – you actually get to see someone build a diaper cake before you attempt to do it yourself! They even have a sample video on their website so you can preview the delivery method to know if it works for you.

The more I studied How to Make a Diaper Cake training video, the more I realized that a cake pattern is an art form. And with really great diaper cake instructions, the possibilities are simply amazing.

My second attempt at making a diaper cake – the one which followed that first disaster – was a wonderful success thanks to How to Make a Diaper Cake and their incredible video learning series.

Baby Diaper Cake Instructions VideoGuests who saw my cake were literally offering cash if I would make one for them for their next baby shower. The baby diaper cake instructions paid for themselves with the sale of just one cake!

I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that anyone can make a cake with the example set by the folks at How to Make a Diaper Cake.

In addition to the video, they provided me with a workbook packed with "recipes" for the cakes they demonstrated, a list of supplies, basic tips for saving money, and a few ideas for adding those perfect finishing touches. It's the complete package!

If you've ever considered buying a diaper cake but you're good at home craft, don't!

Instead, put a fraction of the amount of money you were going to spend toward a purchase of baby diaper cake instructions from the trainning video. There's no better gift than a well-made cake, and no better feeling than being able to say that, yes, you made it yourself!

Get instant access to the Diaper Cake Trainning Video, click here.


My personal experiences of how to make a diaper cake in 30 minutes.

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