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Baby Boy Shower Decorations

We have lots of creative baby boy shower decorations on this page. Throwing a shower can be a lot of fun but you might sometimes be challenged to find unique decorations for the event. You might be surprised by how many options you have. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking about the boy shower decorations.



Blue Decorations for Boys

When it comes to choosing baby boy shower decorations, you want coordinate with your theme. The most popular theme for showers for boys is to use the color blue, a traditional symbol of the masculine. If you are going with this theme, you could consider some of the following boy shower decorations:

  • To decorate the doorways or to hang above the tables, use blue foil ceiling swirls. The colors are a bit more metallic than most of the boy decorations you’ll find but they still look fabulous.
  • On the main wall guests see when they enter the room, you could use a baby blue personalized banner. You can choose from seven different size banners, and more than 1,000 different designs.
  • Some of the best decorations do double duty during the baby shower. The Baby Carriage Pinata is one example. You can use the piñata as a table centerpiece, or you can hang it up for entertainment later in the party. Remember to fill it up with something delicious, such as personalized Hershey bars, miniatures, and kisses.
  • Decorations can also double as party favors. Fill a clear personalized "A Boy" berry-flavored beans. You could add other candies, too, such as blue M & M’s. You could also use the candy in other types of containers, such as baby bottles. Guests can eat the candy during the shower, and the bottles can be reused by the new parents.


Remember that you don’t want everything to be blue. Consider adding another complementary color, such as white or chocolate.


Animal Theme Decorations

Among the many different themes, celebrating the birth of a baby boy animals are definitely one of the most popular. You can choose a theme based on one particular animal, such as a monkey, or many different animals. Here are a few suggestions for baby boy shower decorations that might work for your party:

  • You could choose a duck and frog theme for the party. To decorate, you could choose the splish splash mobile which features both of these adorable creatures. The tables could be decorated with the matching centerpiece and confetti. Another option for the tables is a baby ducky candle favor. They make a great favor and also match the theme.
  • Another option is a jungle theme. You could choose the King of the Jungle centerpiece featuring a lion. Balloons, such as the Lion mylar balloon, are also a nice addition to the decorations. In keeping with the same theme, you could add some elephants as favors and table decorations. The mini wood elephants would be nice for a more casual event. The elephant place card holders are silver and more elegant. They match the theme and serve a practical purpose.
  • When in doubt, you could also choose a classic party theme: Winnie-the-Pooh. You can find Pooh and Tigger foil balloons you can attach to the chairs or use as the centerpiece of balloon bouquets. You could also use the baby pooh and friends cupcake holders to decorate your main table where you serve refreshments.
  • If you do decide to use animals as your theme, try to stay consistent. Don’t toss in Winnie-the-Pooh items with a jungle theme, for example.

No matter what theme you choose, the baby boy shower decorations you pick for the location should be tasteful, creative, and fun. Remember that the decorations should never be overlooked. They set the stage for a fabulous event.





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