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Baby Announcement Gifts:
How to Give the Perfect New Baby Gift
From the Heart

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what baby announcement gifts to give to that special little mama in your life? If you have ever struggled with what the perfect new baby gift is, then give it from your heart! You want to Shower a special woman with the perfect gifts. But how?

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Embrace The Emotion

Personalized Baby Announcement GiftsFrom the Chief Baby Shower Mom's desktop:

When you hear that somebody you know is going to have a baby you get that amazing feeling of love! That warm and fuzzy feeling is indescribable when somebody close to you is having a baby. You can only truly understand it if you have had a baby yourself.

Nothing brings more happiness to the world than a baby!

There is nothing like a baby, the tiny blessings that so many women are given! This is such a special time in a woman's life when she will bring another human being onto this earth—it's so special that it's almost hard to put into words.

So what sort of emotions is that mother to be going through?

  • Women initially feel great excitement at the thought of being a mother
  • That excitement turns into anxiety and a bit of fear at what this new responsibility will mean
  • This all turns into great anticipation and an overwhelming feeling of all that has to be done to prepare for this tiny human being.How can you use this wide range of emotions to help you pick the perfect gift for her?

It is at the precise moment when all of these emotions combine and meet that you want to shower that special woman in your life with the perfect gift.

In that moment when that special woman is feeling a whole slew of emotions is the perfect time to show her just how much she means to you. This will make her feel special and of course help her to get prepared and excited!

There is no better gift to a mother to be than one that is full of joy and great advice!

When you have close family and friends to shower you with love and the right baby announcement gifts, you can embrace the amazing feeling of becoming a mother.

You are scared, you are excited, you are anxious, you are nervous and you are eternally happy.

If women close to you can recognize those emotions and use them as a catalyst to focus on in the right gift, you will feel loved. You can take all of this positive sentiment and allow it to help you feel prepared. You can use all of these positive and wonderful feelings to ensure that you embrace this special time!


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My Personal Story As a Mother To Be

Personalized Baby Announcement GiftsSo since pregnant women everywhere rely on their loved ones to provide support, this is a great time to shower those close to you with some fabulous gifts. There are so many wonderful baby announcement gifts out there, but the ones that she will remember are sentimental and personal. Capturing the emotion involved in pregnancy and having a baby is an important way to celebrate this exciting chapter.

I can remember just how wonderfully emotional the time was for me.

When I was pregnant with my first child, nothing could describe what I was feeling. Just overnight I went from being an average woman to one that was going to become a mom. It was hard to absorb and therefore I leaned on those women close to me to try and comprehend it all!

You think you have so much time to get ready for the birth of your child, but the time passes so quickly.

For me the gifts that I remember are the ones that put great thought into who I was as a person. The most memorable gifts were also the ones that showed love and a certain sense of knowing me as a person.

So what really makes a great baby gift?

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Forget the gift registry or typical gifts like a pack of diapers—they will get that stuff from everybody else!
  • Think about what was special to you as you welcomed your baby into the world
    Take the personality and your close relationship into consideration as you find a gift that is fitting of both
  • Let your heart dictate because it will guide you to something that will mean something to that special woman in your life

I can remember from my own baby shower that my mom wrote a poem to my baby girl that we would be welcoming in a few short weeks. She put that poem inside of a book that she used to read to me as a girl. When I opened this gift I couldn't even read the card aloud because I was so overcome with happiness and deep emotion.

Now granted this was from my own mother, but the thought that she put into that simple and yet very positively charged gift made my pregnancy so very special in that moment. I will never forget what that special baby gift meant to me and it was so simple in nature.

I speak to you as a mother of two, but I also speak as a friend and a woman who has thought about what that special gift may mean.

I have been on the giving end and the receiving end and I have learned through time that the gifts that really mean the most are the ones that come from a place of love.

If you let emotion dictate the gift that you select, you can't go wrong!

When I look at my own kids and I think back on their very best baby announcement gifts, they were the ones that really helped me to embrace just how special the time of pregnancy and new babies really was.


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What Can You Use to
Focus In on That Special Gift?


So what if you're not a mom?

How can you give the best gifts that make a mom to be smile upon opening?

Sure it's admittedly a lot easier if you are a mom, but use her personality and your relationship with her to guide you.

There are some amazing gifts out there that can be personalized and ensure that she knows that you care:

  • Rather than buying what is on the register which is always nice, you can think outside of the box and show that you really know this special woman that you are buying for.
  • Consider getting her a baby blanket in her favorite color.
  • If you knew her from childhood, then give her a gift in her favorite theme that she loved back then like Winnie the Pooh.
  • Buy personal gifts come in the form of things like a baby book gift basket or even gift baskets for new babies. Embrace special memories that you have with this special woman and use them to create the perfect personalized gift.

What are some of the best gifts that you have ever received?

If you are being honest about it, the best gifts are the ones that put forth effort and special thought. They were gifts that showed a certain personal touch that nobody else could match. These show that you know this special woman well and that you want to help her welcome her new addition with love and great sentiment.

Use your own favorite gift as a guide to finding the perfect baby gift!


Think of the emotion that you felt when you got that "perfect gift".
Think of some of the wonderful times you've shared with this mother to be.
Use that as the motivation to get that perfect and beautiful baby gift.



Leave the Traditional or Expected to Somebody Else


Rather than going for the traditional route, why not try out something that is much more personal?

Try these ideas:

  • Something that marks your relationship such as a certain theme, color, or mark of a location you enjoyed together can work well.
  • Consider a picture for the nursery from one of your favorite vacation spots together.
  • Have a diaper cake created that uses her favorite colors. These are so special and she will smile and think of you every time she uses them for her new baby!

It doesn't matter if it's a sister, daughter, cousin, or friend - just show her how much she means to you and it will instantly be special and memorable!

This is a special and memorable time for this mother to be. Help her to celebrate all that it stands for with an amazing gift. When you consider what type of baby gift to get for her, let your relationship and the closeness you feel for her dictate the type of gift that you get.

Special memories and accents of your close relationship work well for shaping that perfect announcement gift!

Think about any special memories or traditions that the two of you may share or those which may be important to you together. This is a time to embrace tradition and emotions, so take advantage of it!

You are special to this woman for a reason and therefore she will love whatever you give to her, especially if it shows just how well you know her and how much you love her! She will know that you will be there to support her through this new and exciting chapter in her life!


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Have you ever found yourself wondering what to get as the perfect baby announcement gift?

Have you ever received a special gift for your baby that you always look at fondly?

Do you have special recommendations for others that can really make a mother to be feel special?

Help grow the Coolest Baby Shower community, by sharing:

  • Your thoughts about some of the most special baby announcement gifts that you have given and received here. 
  • What you have done to make another woman in your life feel special at this magical time.
  • Something wonderful and emotional that you received when you were pregnant.

We want to hear from you so share your experiences with a special community of women just like you! Note: I am not collecting emails from this page.


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