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How To Pick and Choose From Unlimited Baby Shower Games That Guaranteed To "WOW" Your Guests

Here is the Baby Shower Games AtoZ Guide...


What are you thinking about when you choose baby shower games?

In fact, if you're the same type of creative, this is the best part of your personalized baby shower!

Thinking of cute baby things and baby shower gift basket? Or even making guests act like a baby? I don't know about you, but I can really make a lot fun out of virtually anything.

And this is also the most difficult part of baby shower planning - there are too many baby shower game ideas flooding on the internet that you might have not idea how to get the most suitable one for you (and for the mom-to-be too).

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Where Should You Begin The Entertainment?

Baby Bingo Game When you have no idea in choosing baby shower games, consider using a theme. My experiences tell me that carrying your Shower theme into the planning will make choosing those games so much easier!

One final thought before you make the game decision is designating an Shower assistant (or a cost-hostess) to help you. Depending on how complicated the games you chose are, you may want an extra hand - after all, you need to enjoy the Shower too!

Before making a game decision which you are going to spend hours of preparation before the baby shower, I'll be telling the most popular types of baby shower games and other details that will make your party planning better.

Ice Breakers

Usually, the mom-to-be should arrive first so that she can help greet guests and introduce people to each other.

Tips: Before you get started choosing your baby shower games, keep in mind who you are inviting to the baby shower. If you're looking for some games for baby showers required guests to bring items to the Shower, you'd better choose the right game before sending out invitations.

However, she may not be very well to helping at all. Then you should have the guests arrive half an hour before her.

But even for an experienced baby shower hostess, getting guests who don't know each other very well to talk and mingle can be a daunting task - imagine that you should greet all guests at the door as they walk in, provide them with name tags (if there are many guests) and introduce them to others to get conversations going.

Well, if you can use a few well-chosen baby shower games that "force" guests to talk to each other, like Human Bingo and Baby Name Meaning, you can have them warm up and "break the ice"!

Of course, if you're having a family party, chances are there aren't any introductions needed but you still have to break the ice and start somewhere.

Here are some baby shower ideas that are sure to get your guests mingling in no time!

Pencil And Paper Games

Tips: It also means you will need to create a quiz ahead of time. As you read quiz questions aloud, each guest marks the right answer box, or uses a Hershey's Kiss to cover the appropriate square on their bingo card to match five in a row, up, down, or diagonal. (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Baby Safety Checklist can be found at:

Pencil and paper based baby shower games are always a great addition to any Shower because they require the least materials and usually the shortest prep time. A very popular choice is the Baby Safety Bingo.

You can create a bingo game card with answers in each square - which means your guests will want to pay attention because there's going to be a quiz!

Quiz questions should include things like "One of these will prevent children from falling down stairs" and "If burst or un inflated, these can be a choking hazard to young children" - where the answers in the Bingo squares are "baby gate" and "balloons."

Creating Memories

If you're good at creating scrapbook items, why not make some cute items for the parents-to-be to take home as reminders of this wonderful day?

Still have no clue?

Here is how Sheryl Mulkey from Santa Ana, California, gets guys involving into the scrapbook making during her last coed baby shower.

As I know, most of these projects can be turned into great group activities.

For example, have you ever wondered what to do with over 100 guests at a baby shower? Oops, it's extremely difficult to coordinate some of the traditional baby shower games, so why not make a placemat for each guest and let them doodle?

Crosswords, word scrambles, matching games, they can all be added. Just cut out some of your favorite baby shower games (there are tons on this web site and paste them to both sides of a piece of paper.

Then decorate with baby pictures and such, then take it to your local copy store, like Kinkos, and have them print the page on pastel colored paper. At the Shower, guests can fill in the puzzles, or just doodle. Have a small prize for the first person who has both sides filled out correctly.

Couples And Coed Games

Let's face it: More and more baby showers are including new Dads and couples, so why do you think Dads want to be left out of the fun?

You will say, "I need those baby shower games talk a lot about the parents-to-be, not just the mom-to-be."

Ok, when you decide to celebrate a new life with the New Dad together, here is a few hints:

- Get the male guests to buy-in before hand, and agree to play games

- Invite more than 3 guys - don't let the dad-to-be stay alone at the baby shower.

- Don't play those ooh-and-aha types of girls' games - they are not suitable for men, like measure Mom's tummy or talk about "girl-stuff" like birth stories or labor.

- Make your baby shower games competitive and fun to get the guys out their seats and love to play, like the famous Guys and Dolls and Baby Jeopardy (of course, then the men will most likely say "that's so easy, any man can do it better". and let them find out they can't!)

Baby Shower Games Without Winners?

Yes! Do you know that baby shower games don't always need to have a winner? Sometimes just an activity provides all the fun you need, like this one all about gathering the baby essentials....

The Baby Story uses words that are brand names or names of products that are presented to the parents-to-be as the story is read. Just put in the expecting Mom's name - and Dad's too, if he's at the baby shower party. The words in BOLD are brand names or names of products to be presented as the words are read. You can even get creative and add new products into the story.

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