Animal Print One- Piece & baby Beanie hats

by Zoey
(Santa Ana Ca USA)

Animal Prints by the Laughing Giraffe

Animal Prints by the Laughing Giraffe

The similarities between baby zebras, leopards, tigers, giraffes and cute human babies are many (cute, beautiful and unpredictable).

Some differences however are:

The baby giraffe measures approx 6 ft when it is born.

According to folk tale, the zebra was once all white but got its black stripes after a fight with a baboon over a waterhole. After kicking the baboon so hard the zebra lost his balance and tripped over a fire and the fire sticks left scorches mark all over its white coat!

At one year of age the baby leopard can fend for themselves, but they remain with mom for up to 24 months

The tiger is the largest of the cat family and can grow up to 11 ft in length and 600 pounds !

Premium 100% Cotton Interlock Knit

Onesies Short Sleeeve 0-3/ 3-6/ 6-12 /12-18 months

Lap T Shirts Short Sleeve 0-3/ 3-6/ 6-12 /12-18 months

Long Pants 0-3/ 3-6/ 6-12 /12-18 months

Toddler Tees Short Sleeve 2T 3T 4T 5T

Beanie Hats (1) 0-6 (2) 6-12 (3) 12-18


White Zebra
Blue Zebra
Pink Leopard


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