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Adoption Baby Shower Invitations

Adoption Baby Shower InvitationsWe have the coolest adoption baby shower invitations on this page for you. Just because a couple choose to adopt a child that doesn’t mean they don't need a shower to welcome their new bundle of joy into the family. In fact, the high costs of adoption mean some couples need more help to prepare their home for the new arrival. For these adopted families, several options in invitations can start the even off in the right direction.

You can also check out these modern baby shower invitations.


Announcements as Invites

Parents or hosts looking for adoption baby shower invitations may first want to consider checking out the selection of baby announcements. Some of these cards are specifically designed to celebrate adoptions. They also work well because most showers for adopted children are held after the baby has joined the family not before.

monogram memories

In fact, parents in search of discount invitations could save by combining the invite and announcement into a single card. The Monogram Memories card would work well for this purpose.

The baby’s name is printed in the lower right corner of the card’s front along with three small photos of your choosing. Inside, another photo can be added along with the birth and shower details.

Other stylish announcements could also be useful for this purpose. The Grand Style card features a large, single photo of your choosing with a modern color combination of pink and black at the bottom of the card.

Adoption baby shower invitations

The Scalloped Band announcement could also work as an invitation. Like the previous card, this lets you add one photo that takes up most of the card space. The lower third of the card features a slate blue band where the information for the shower can be printed.


Birds & Storks

If you’re looking for a creative theme to use at your party and in your adoption baby shower invitations, you might consider storks or birds.

Adoption baby shower invitations welcome new arrivals

Storks bring babies to families who want them just as the adoption brought the baby and parents together. Birds share a nest then add new babies to their existing home in the same way adoptive parents do.

For these themes, you could use an invitation such as Growing Nest. The peppermint blue colored card features two little birds with a new egg in their nest along with the caption "A New Addition to Their Nest!" That message seems perfect for an adoption shower.

Bird Bundle Meadow

You can also find discount invitations, such as Bird Bundle or Silly Stork. Both of these invites feature birds bringing a bundle of joy to a new family.

The former combines meadow green elements on a light chocolate background with the sweet bird flying in from the left side of the card. The latter invite depicts an adorable stork on the right of the card which is gray with fuchsia trim.


Modern Styles

Many parents who choose adoption also appreciate modern, trendy, and stylish cards for their shower. One such invitation is the Heirloom Damask. Although the style seems old-fashioned, this damask pattern has become a hot trend.

The beautiful black and white pattern surrounds a large oval where the card information is printed underneath a small rocking horse. Another of these adoption baby shower invitations is In Step. This rich blue card depicts a modern couple in silhouette pushing a stroller. Not only is the card perfect for adoption showers but also for co-ed showers which involve the father and male guests.

In Step Lapis

Elegance and simplicity are big buzz words in the baby stationery industry this year and nothing exemplifies that trend more than the Little Fancy card. With no graphics except for a few small white hearts, the card relies on its bold cursive "baby" wording and its unique melon color to grab recipients' attention and make an incredible first impression.

Hosts and parents searching for adoption baby shower invitations may be surprised by the number of available options. From baby announcements which double as stylish invitations, these cards make the perfect beginning to any baby celebration.


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