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The All Cashmere Love Basket
Price: $ 399.95
The All Cashmere Love Basket! The most beautiul cashmere hoodie and blanket set any little one will ever receive and cherish forever. INCLUDES: * One of these Pink or Blue cashmere hoodie treasures. Each is a work of art in itself with little bits of love knit into each stitch. They are luxurious 2 ply premium cashmere with yummy velvety soft chenille designs. These sweaters are sure to stop stroller traffic en route to those extra special sandbox socials. Boy's Blue Hoodie says "Mommy" and girl's Pink Hoodie says "Daddy" on the sleeve. * A Chinese symbol "Love" 100% 2-Ply blanket that has Velvet Chenille trim and is only meant for the most precious and yummy babies! They are perfect for the stroller or to wrap baby in anytime. The cashmere is so soft you'll want one for yourself. 26" x 26". * A Babyprint which is a great way to capture a baby foot or baby hand print. * As always the goodies come in GoToBaby's baby carriage baskets which are great all by themselves. * Select "Gift Wrap" during checkout for cellophane, ribbon and bows special gift wrapping FREE SHIPPING...Add this The All Cashmere Love Basket to your baby shower gifts' list

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