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Racer - Chrome
Price: $ 575
Just like our regular Pedal Race cars, the Limited Edition Chrome finish car stems from the same classic inspiration: the famous 1952-1957 Ferrari F2 Racers and other Grand Prix type racers of the era. It's a beautiful car and so well proportioned that most people are unaware of how big it is. In addition to the chrome paint job, it comes with chrome rims, a chrome steering wheel, chrome knock off spinners, chrome windshield, and a big chrome grille. Vroom! Vroom! Limited Edition Chrome Racer Specifications ?Overall Dimensions: Length: 49 inches, width 26 inches, and height 19 inches ?Materials: Heavy gauge steel ?Finish: Chip and rust resistant, child safe, non-toxic powder coating ?Wheels: Steel, "custom design", 9.5 inch diameter ?Tires: solid rubber, soft design, 13.5 inch in the rear, 12 inch on the front Some easy assembly required (wheels on rear axle, steering rod and wheel, windshield) Suggested up to 6 years of age. There is a $36 shipping fee on this item. There is a 15% restocking fee on all returned pedal cars and trucks and planes....Add this Racer - Chrome to your baby shower gifts' list

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