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MagIQ Interactive Cow
Price: $ 54.95
Interactive DVD MagIQ Cow is a unique combination of visual and audio media with a special toy that responds to the onscreen content. An amazing companion! * Simply install the DVD in your DVD player switch on the doll next to the TV speaker, press play on main menu and the doll will automatically synchronise with your TV. * Place the doll with your baby; it will interact with the sounds and images on the DVD - either speaking, giggling or making other cute sounds. * Combines original content, scenes, games, songs and rhymes that create an ideal audio/visual developmental environment for baby. * The doll is a responsive companion encouraging baby to take part and contributes to the development of baby's emotional, sensitivity, and social skills. * The cow is soft and cuddly companion that encourages baby to become an active participant. * Comes with an audio soundtrack CD which provides an ideal, interactive developmental soundtrack for baby on the road. Makes a great newborn to 3 year old gift....Add this MagIQ Interactive Cow to your baby shower gifts' list

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