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Baby Showers in A Winter Holiday Season: Christmas OR Luau Party?
December 06, 2006

December 05, 2006
Celebration Planet #008 :Baby Showers in A Winter Holiday Season: Christmas Celebration OR Luau Party?

Written and Published by Qing Gu


Welcome to the December 2006 edition of the Celebration Planet Newsletter.

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Baby Showers in A Winter Holiday Season:
Christmas Celebration OR Luau Party?

Here is a baby shower theme submitted by Patti Lang, Madison, AL

"I am hosting a Baby's First Christmas baby shower. Decorations are red & green. Guests are to bring 1st Christmas ornaments or bibs, outfits, etc. I'm planning on playing Christmas music and serving "christmas" foods.

This will be a welcome break for the mommy-to-be and guests because the planned date is the 1st weekend in August. Our temps. have been in the 100's this summer! The baby will treasure his/her ornaments for years to come!"

Hmmm, Patti seems have a lot of fun with the Christmas spirit in the hot summer day.

If you're looking for some special unique holiday experiencecs, you'll need these Christmas party games and activities .

Here are loads of creative ideas that are fun and beautiful to twist Christmas party ideas into the celebration for mom-to-be's pregnancy if you just let the imagination flow.

For people who live in the south part of the country, how about bring sunshine, palm trees, sand and tropical fun to a baby shower in the cold winter day?

Someone sent me an email asking about some luau theme baby shower ideas for some time in December. Here's some tips to start a tropical party in winter time...

Since you can't go to the beach in December, chose to have it indoors. And write your baby shower invitations like this:

"If you're tired of the snow and cold weather

escape south of the border for a little get-together.

Trade in your heavy coat and other winter clothes

for sunshine, palm trees, and sand between your toes!

Come to the Baby Shower in Paradise!

on Saturday, December 12th at 12:00 p.m.

(Parents-to-be's Name) Beach, (Shower Address)

Speak out hawaiian baby name meaning and dress code to RSVP!"

Then read my article about the coolest hawaiian luau ideas for baby showers, you will find decorations, cake ideas and baby shower games all perfectly fit into a hawaiian luau theme.

Hint: For baby shower favors, any small bath products like bath salts, aromatherapy body lotions, bath oils work perfectly. Or even give various tea, mint or tea light candles will all make the winter months fly by.

Another luau party idea is giving guests your homemade sand candle favors. Have fun!

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Enjoy your reading!

Yours in Planning A Perfect Baby Shower And Special Holiday

Qing Gu


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