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Truly, who doesn't have a favorite Nursery Rhyme that baby can enjoy?
August 18, 2006

August 18, 2006
Baby Shower Planet #006 :Truly, who doesn't have a favorite Nursery Rhyme that baby can enjoy?

Written and Published by Qing Gu


Welcome to the August 2006 edition of the Baby Shower Planet Newsletter.

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Baby Shower Themes: Nursery Rhymes

This month's spotlight is on Nursery Rhymes. Below, we've included a short article on how to throw a nursery rhyme themed baby shower, along with three games that would tie in great!

Nursery rhymes naturally lend themselves to baby shower themes. Truly, who doesn't have a favorite nursery rhyme that baby can enjoy?

Pick up a book and revisit those nursery rhymes, find one you like and use it as an inspiration for your invitations, decorations, games and even appetizers! For example, do you remember Hey diddle diddle?

"Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon!"

Incorporate this charming rhyme into your theme by sending out invitations with a cow jumping over the moon. Or include the nursery rhyme on the interior of the card to trigger many a happy memory for your invited guests.

Continue the theme by serving a cake decorated with a fiddlin’ cat; create a fun mobile out of paper plates (the dish) and plastic spoons, and of course, what is a baby shower without games? The right number of games for two hours is three. This provides guests with enough time to arrive, settle in, socialize and get some noshing in.

You can print out great game cards for any theme, including the popular Nursery Rhyme Quiz

We’ve all heard the classic nursery rhymes, but how many were listening? Have your guests take this quiz and find out!

Do they really remember what happened to Humpty Dumpty? What about Jack Sprat?

Another favorite is “Name that Nursery Rhyme.” Can you remember the name of a nursery rhyme if you were given the plot? Have guests compete on time, pit one generation against another, read answers out loud. There will surely be some humorous errors.

For the third game, try Nursery Rhyme Word Scramble. Guests race to unscramble names of various Nursery Rhymes with only a few hints.

Baby Shower Writers Wanted

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Winner Of Coolest Bab Shower Contest

Do You Understand What Men Think of Baby Showers?

The answers could be: "Girls goo goo gaa gaa over all the baby gifts, talk about their own babies if they have one, and if they don't, talk about what they would do if they did have their own. Guys just sit on the couch and drink beer."

To force the "big boys" to have good time seems to be a tough task. So who can get the guys have fun at the baby shower (and I mean really fun) will be the winner of our contest.

Congratulations and thanks so much for Kimberly Ripley from Postsmouth, NH.

I love her ideas and photos...and if I were she, it will be a great weekend throw a coed Shower. Read more...

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