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Baby Shower Fundamentals

Everyone loves the baby shower fundamentals game.

Poopy Diaper Guess
There's no room for weak knees when you're smelling Poopy Diapers! An absolute party favorite, the hostess melts 10 different candy bars prior to the shower and places them in 10 'Poopy' diapers. When guests are asked to smell the poop, only the strongest sniffers will win!

The Price Is Right,Baby Food Guess,Baby Shower Fundamentals
Additional games with instructions include: The Price Is Right, Baby Food Guess, and Baby Shower Fundamentals worksheet for the following games: It's In the Bag, Baby Photo Match, Top 10 Baby Needs, Name That White Stuff, and Famous Faces.

Baby Shower Fundamentals

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Baby Shower Fundamentals includes four printable games: Poopy Diaper Guess, the Price is Right, Baby Food Guess, and Baby Shower Fundamentals which comes with worksheets for five versions of the game. All of the games came with instructions to make the hosting job a snap.

These games were a hit with the guests! I would definitely recommend them for any shower. We played all four at the shower I hosted, and I don't think any of them failed to entertain. This is a great package and makes planning the games a lot easier!!! Trust me on that!

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