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Baby Shakepeare Video
Price: $ 24
Baby ShakespeareT is an engaging exploration of vocabulary common to infants and toddlers through the words of twelve master poets and the vision of a master photographer. Combining the poetry with silly puppet shows, humorous sounds effects, interesting real-world visuals and the music of Ludwig van Beethoven to engage your baby in a completely unique way. Poems featured in the Baby Shakespeare video "Custard the Dragon," Ogden Nash "A Modern Dragon," Rowena Bastin Bennett "Mid-Summer Night's," William Shakespeare "The Apple Tree," Galway Kinnell "The Cat and the Moon," W. B. Yeats "Heavenly Grass," Tennessee Williams "Wadasa Nakamoon," Ray A. Young Bear "Nothing Gold Can Stay," Robert Frost "Revival," Steve Crow "Loveliest of Trees," A. E. Housman "The Calf-Path," Sam Walter Foss "The Butterfly," William Wordsworth "My Loves," Langston Hughes A can't miss choice from the BabyEinstein Collection....Add this Baby Shakepeare Video to your baby shower gifts' list

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