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August 6, 2007 14:31 - Now, we have 5 LENS on Squidoo...Baby shower and much more fun topics!

My wife, Cindy, has been working with me on this baby shower site for more than 2 years.

Now, she is very happy in making a good living from this little site at doing her most enjoy from home. If you haven't read how she can did it in 18 months, here is her little secret...

A few months ago, I found a new way that we can use Cindy's experiences to create an online spot with her passion. She falled in love with the concept in no minute!

It's called Squidoo LENS.

According to the founder of, Seth Godin, a LENS IS A WEB SITE, but it's a very specific sort of Web site. It's a site with a defined layout and UI, and it is linked to millions of other lenses. Blogs are also just a Web site, but the easy interface and accepted conventions stand them apart. Same deal with lenses.

She's had blog, the one you're reading on.


A LENS is a signpost, an organized pointer living in a site filled with other, similarly formatted pointers. Unlike a blog, a lens updates itself with RSS feeds and Web services. This means that many lenses will do fine without a lot of tweaking and maintenance.

I think this is the best part of LENS that for people like my wife who is not capable to handle sophisticated web technologies while still want to setup an unqiue presence online.

Since April 22nd, we have setup 5 LENS:

I Love Baby Shower

Coolest Baby Shower Games, Bingo, Ideas & Lots More!

How To Make Diaper Cakes on Your Own

Bridal Shower Games To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

What you need (okay, want) to know about Affiliate Master Course

If you're a baby shower or theme party beginner, you'll love reading them. Of course, more LENS will come soon...

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August 21, 2007 15:03 - Coolest Baby Shower Mini-Myspace is Alive!

Are you a Baby Shower Junky like Cindy?

Now you can play with our mini Myspace...and it's better than Mypace!

Many of you have submitted stories and photos to my site.

The problem is that you can't directly upload your favorite photos to my site. And I have to manually create pages for the submission which takes too much time (Yes, I and Cindy love writing everything about baby shower, but we decide to spend more time with our kids).

Another problem is that any visitor who like the ideas and photos can't comment and share their thoughts with the original contributor.

The third party comment system that I used doesn't support email notification so that the contributor will never know any feedback about her story. For example, Gil's rubber duck baby shower story is a 5 star story on my site, however all the comments are invisible to her.

Even worse, some photos are too big to get through my Mail server and get junked somewhere in the trash folder of my outlook. There is a very little chance I can discover them, clean the dust and make them shiny.

What a pitty!

So here comes the solution...

You can start play this new function which like a combination of Wikipedia, MySpace and flickr, except you can't continuously overwrite each other's content.

I love it as it take the best of Web 2.0, eliminate the worst.

And now it's live!

The first superstar on our mini Myspace is Katie Betler with her awesome picnic baby shower story and invitation wording. I have no doubt that she is a baby shower genius.

Surprise to me, people started to comment and rate for her stories only a few minutes after I approved katie's submission!

This is what I call the Power of Sharing.

If you're a baby shower junky like Cindy, now it's your turn to let others discover your FAVORITE original baby shower photos and ideas...

Have fun!

Qing & Cindy

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