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'baby girl' candy mail yum box

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'baby girl' candy mail yum box
Price: $ 48
It's a boy?! It's a girl?! No, it's the cutest baby announcement EVER! If you're the welcoming committee, why not think inside the box? This imaginative announcement tempts recipients with two little somethings sweet - some cute candy ... and the announcement of a new baby!Jill Smith Design is all about sending fun, fine things through the mail, so that's why they came up with candy mail Yum Boxes(TM). They believe that clever design and unique ideas make gift-giving memorable! What you get: Box, Candy, Card, and Label! What you do: 1.) Have a baby, or decide to host a shower or party, 2.) Buy new yum box towers, 3.) fill in the details of your event, 4.) Pack the card/invitation and candy back in the box, 5.) tape the box securely shut with the fashionable paper strip, 6.) Address the adhesive mailing label using a permanent ink pen, and stick it to the box lid, over the paper strip, 7.) Ready-to-drop-in-the-mail with a $0.60 stamp!, 8.) Drop off at the nearest post office, and finally ... 9.) Await recipients' calls of pure glee! Each box includes 1 box, 1 invitation card, 1 0.83 envelope sticker and small wrapped candies. Box: 3.5" square. Invitation: 3" square. Set of 8....Add special touch to your baby shower supplies with the 'baby girl' candy mail yum box now!

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Coolest baby shower invitations