Have You Ever Heard of the Kind Diet?

Have you heard about the book written by actress Alicia Silverstone called The Kind Diet? It is a book advocating what the actress believes to be the best diet for anybody who wants to lose weight “the right way”.

What Is It?

You might be wondering what the diet is all about. Well, if you know Alicia Silverstone, you would know that she is a very passionate animal lover and activist. She is also an advocate for environmental conservation. Because of what she believes in, she has adopted a diet that is free of any animal meat. Thus it naturally follows that the so-called Kind Diet, from the book of the same title which she wrote, is a vegan diet. It is called a Kind Diet because it helps save animals from being killed, butchered, cooked, and from being served as food.

What Is A Vegan Diet?

Basically, vegan diet is plant-based diet – no animal meat of any kind, no dairy products, no processed products, and no sugar. A vegan diet is made up of plant-based foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, beans and soy products, whole grains, as well as nuts.

The Kind Diet

A lot of people believe that yes, a vegan diet is healthy, but it is definitely not delicious. According to Ms Stone, this is not entirely correct. Vegan foods are delicious; it just depends on how they are prepared. The Kind Diet is a plant-based diet rich in whole grains and sea vegetables like shoyu, dikon, and lotus root. These sea vegetables are not very popular in the United States just yet, but these are readily available in Asian stores. The Japanese and the Koreans love these, and they are amongst the healthiest in the world.

Where and How to Start the Kind Diet

Just like almost anything else in life, it is good to start the Kind Diet slowly, one step at a time. The Kind Diet has three (3) steps to follow. The first step is very simple simply replace meat from your diet with vegetables and fruits.  This can be done by limiting meat intake or consumption by say, instead of three times a day, now only twice a day. If in one week (which has 21 meals all in all) you have meat in 18 of them, cutting down to 15 can be a very good start. Then the next week or month, cut the meat consumption again to say 10 meals with meat and 21 plant-based meals.

The second (2nd) step is to slowly use meat replacement or alternatives. Some people may take only a short time to adjust, but there are also people who may take a very long time to adjust to a meatless meal. This is where meat substitutes or alternatives can come in very helpful. One popular meat substitute is Tofu.  Eating whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can also make a big difference.

The third (3rd) step is the total elimination of meat products in the diet. At this stage of the Kind Diet, the vegan only eats grains and sea vegetables.

Losing weight can be very difficult, or it can be also very easy. The bottom line is this: it all depends on how bad you want to lose weight. Losing weight is also more than just the diet; it also means increasing activity to burn calories. So whether the Kind Diet is your kind of diet or not, it’s up to you now!

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