Why You Have To Be Careful When Taking Alli Weight Loss Pills

What is Alli?


Alli is a famous weight loss option that’s pursued by millions of women. It is FDA approved and expert recommended to reduce fat storage and simplify the process of weight loss. It can take out as much as 10 to 12 pounds off of your body, within a year, with minimal diet and exercise. And it will save you from all the unnecessary worries over food intake and enjoyment because you won’t need to deprive yourself just to achieve a leaner, sexier body. But then again, like all other commodities within the industry it serves, Alli does possess a few disadvantages. And in order to fully protect your own interest when it comes weight loss, you should get to know about this other side as well as come up with a plan of action.

The Disadvantages

One of the main problems concerning Alli is the fact that you encourage nutritional malabsorption, which could potentially harm your health or even cause your death.  Alli inhibits the function of gastric and pancreatic lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fat into smaller components. This makes it easier for the body to eliminate it. But then, it also discourages the absorption of important nutrients such beta carotene and vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble. Each is important for the proper functioning of different organs and in some ways they influence how fast we think, move and react. If you are not mindful enough to replace what you’ve lost through Alli with supplements, you might end up developing eye problems, skin break outs and even arrhythmias.

To add to the item above, Alli (along with its predecessor Orlistat) is also suspected of predisposing people to liver problems, kidney injury as well as cancer. There have been some supporting studies pertaining to these claims. But the results have yet to provide an overwhelming affirmation to the danger associated with its prolonged use.

Third, there is also the fact that Alli has contraindications, possible negative drug interactions and life-threatening side effect consequences that could leave you in a worse off condition than where you had started. If you know that you have digestive tract problems or metabolic diseases, you should keep away from using this product as your main weight loss solution. Not only may it cause blood poisoning, it may also exacerbate your prior condition. If you are taking heart meds and immunity suppressants, you should definitely keep away from trying to utilize it for your weight loss advantage as it may keep all the involved meds from doing its job. Finally, you should also keep in mind that frequent and uncontrollable loose bowel movement can precipitate dehydration, which may lead to death when unattended. So be mindful of your condition and have someone intervene the minute you find something wrong.

Finally, there is that threat of buying and using counterfeit products that not only present a portion of the original’s efficacy but also expose you to toxic chemicals and ingredients. Try as they might, government agencies and private companies cannot directly control the importation and distribution of malicious products within the weight loss market, as there are plenty of retailers who support this illegal activity for a chance at a quick buck. So what you must do as consumers is to keep an eye out for suspicious merchandises and then report them to responsible agencies.

Tips and Advice

When buying, you should also stick to those you know are selling the right stuff and are adequately licensed. If it is your first time, you should go for a company that is reputable and has collected a lot of positive feedback from clients. If your doctor or your pharmacist friend has a recommendation, go check it out. But above all, you should see to it that your resource offers you product warranties and money-back guarantees, just in case you accidentally get a doubtful delivery.

Now, to spot a counterfeit Alli pill package all you have to do is assess its features. First and foremost, a fake one will not have a “Lot” code displayed on its cardboard packaging. It will also enumerate the month, day and year of expiration instead of just the month and the year. The plastic bottle with likely appear taller than usual, with a wider cap and a coarse ribbing. And the foil seal inside will not have any printed notification. Finally, if you open up the pills, you will find fine granular Alli powder instead of larger ones, which is the common appearance of authentic supplements.

The Real Deal

In spite of this though, there are plenty of things to be appreciated about this dietary tool and process. See, aside from allowing you to lose weight without having to exert too much effort, it also keeps you away from more deadly options like surgery.

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